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Se perdo anche te

(Track) 2:32 Neil Diamond, 1966

by Bob Hendrikx on 09/08/2020:

Notes on Gianni Morandi: SE PERDO ANCHE TE (1966)
2:25 – Se perdo anche te [if I lose you too] – Cover version of "Solitary Man". link

Used in the film CHIMERA (1968) link

Authors: Migliacci/Bazzocchi/Diamond
Original Composer/Lyricist: Neil Diamond (1941-)
Italian Lyricist: Franco Migliacci (1930-) link
Italian Lyricist: Bazzocchi (real name: Gianni Meccia) (1931-) link
Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone (1928-2020)
Choir: I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
Vocals: Gianni Morandi (1944-)

First released on vinyl single:
C'era un ragazzo … / Se perdo anche te – RCA Italiana PM45-3375 – Italy – August 1966 link
B-side label: "Migliacci/Bazzocchi/Diamond – Ennio Morricone e la sua Orchestra" jpg
"Numero di catalogo PM45-3375 – Anno 08-1966" link
The single topped the Italian charts for 4 weeks in January/February 1967. link
About the A-side song (C'era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones): link

Released on CD:
Gianni Morandi, Questa è la storia "Andavo a cento all'ora" – RCA 74321-19547-2 – Italy – 1994 (track 24) link
Back: jpg

Released on 10-CD:
The Ennio Morricone Chronicles – BMG BVCM-37063-72 – Japan – 2000 (CD 5, track 1) link / link

Two versions of "Se perdo anche te" based on the same Morricone-orchestrated backing track:

2:25 – Se perdo anche te – Vocals: Gianni Morandi – Play: mp3
2:27 – Se perdo anche te – Karaoke – About the "Cantadisco" LP: link

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