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Breve amore

[1] (Track) 2:35 Alberto Sordi, Piero Piccioni, 1965

by Bob Hendrikx on 18/09/2020:

Notes on Mina: BREVE AMORE (1966) (Part 1)
"Breve amore" is the Italian version of "You Never Told Me".

"You Never Told Me" is the main-title song of the movie FUMO DI LONDRA (1966).
The soundtrack was composed by Piero Piccioni, who also arranged and conducted his own music.
With one exception: the orchestration for "You Never Told Me" was done by Ennio Morricone.
Morricone produced a base track with orchestra and chorus, on top of which Julie Rogers sang the film version and Lydia MacDonald the album version of "You Never Told Me".

A third rendition of the song, titled "Breve amore", was sung in Italian by Mina.
Mina's version is recorded over exactly the same Morricone-arranged backing track that was used for "You never told me", yet Morricone is wrongly never credited for "Breve amore".

2:34 – Breve amore [short love]

Authors: Sordi/Piccioni
Composer: Piero Piccioni (1921-2004)
Lyricist: Alberto Sordi (writer and director of the film) (1920-2003)
Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone (uncredited) (1928-2020)
The conductor credit for "Breve amore" is every time (mistakenly) ascribed to Piero Piccioni, while the credit for "You Never Told Me" usually goes to Bruno Nicolai or Ennio Morricone.
Choir: I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
Vocals: Mina (full name: Mina Anna Maria Mazzini) (1940-)

First released on vinyl single:
Breve amore / Ta-ra-ta-ta – Rifi RFN NP 16147 – Italy – June 1966 link
A-side label: "Sordi/Piccioni – Piero Piccioni e la sua orchestra [sic]" – Morricone's arrangement goes uncredited. jpg
"Numero di catalogo RFN NP 16147 – Anno 06-1966" link
The B-side song (Ta-ra-ta-ta) has no Morricone connection.

Part 2: link

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