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Ennio Morricone

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2:34 Flora  (1) Composer (2009)


Tante pietre a ricordare
4:00 Tante pietre a ricordare Composer , Arranger

Ci sono giorni che non accadono mai
2:30 Ci sono giorni che non accadono mai Composer , Arranger
3:00 Ci sono giorni che non accadono mai (demo) Composer , Arranger

4:36 Inno sussurrato Composer
Milan 2026 Winter Olympics Hymn Composer , Arranger
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‣01/01/2003 Gorsoft Miembro de honor - Universidad de Alcalá

‣12/02/2003 WebMaster French concerts cancelled

‣04/03/2003 Ruhlmann Sheet Music
hello, i am french and i search all kind of sheet music of ennio morricone (of course), i know that is difficult to find but there many arrangement. I know and have somes referenses.
and would give some précision and references if we give me some other title. we can also trade scan and "midi" files.
i can give you a referance for example :

9 selections from LEGEND OF 1900
18 other arrangements from other Morricone scores (Casulaties of War, My Name is Nobody, Death Rides a Horse, The Ballad of Sacco and Vancetti, Metello, Here's to You from S & V, for a Few Dollare More, L'uomo Dell' Armonica, Titoli, (the last two from Once Upon a Time in the West), Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission, A Fistful of Dollars, and the following from Cinema Paradiso, Tema d'amore, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Prima Gioventu, Maturita, Cinema In Fiamme, Proiezione A Due, Fuga, Ricerca E. Ritorno.
Arranged by Shiori Aoyama or Asako Niwa
DOREMI Music Publishing Co., LTD.


‣09/09/2003 WebMaster Missed concert
Some concerts still go unnoticed for most of us. This one took place in Naples on 30/7/2003, in front of 6000 people. The first part was a very unusual suite of music from I promesi sposi, Vatel, The Untouchables, The Red Tent and Canone Inverso. Maybe something for the London concert in November too?


‣12/09/2003 WebMaster Official web site coming soon...

‣22/09/2003 WebMaster Dagored LP's added to database
FYI, all the Dagored LP's have been added to the database

‣02/11/2003 WebMaster (from the German discussion forum) Ennio Morricone in Münich on November 17

‣04/12/2003 WebMaster Milan concert postponed
The concert in Milan, which was to take place on December 4, is postponed. It is now planned for March 26, 2004.

‣11/12/2003 Tom CONGRATULATIONS...DADDY!!!
Congratulations on becoming a daddy yesterday. That's brilliant news! Well done, Didier. I wish you, Amelie & Celestine all the best. Your Christmas will be very special this year!


‣06/02/2004 WebMaster A new web site in German

‣19/05/2004 WebMaster Aborted project with Peter Greenaway

‣10/08/2004 WebMaster Programme of the Verona concert
On September 11, 2004, Ennio Morricone will give a concert in Verona, with a programme very different from what we are used to:

Prima Parte
VOCI DAL SILENZIO (diretta per la prima volta al mondo dal suo compositore)
THE MISSION (dal film omonimo)

Fogli sparsi
H2S (dal film omonimo distrutto dalla censura cinematografica) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone
IL CLAN DEI SICILIANI (dal film omonimo) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone
METTI UNA SERA A CENA (dal film omonimo) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone
UNO CHE GRIDA AMORE (dal film Metti una Sera a Cena) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone
COME MADDALENA (dal film omonimo) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone

Seconda Parte
COCKEYE’S SONG (dal film C’era una Volta in America) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone
C’ERA UNA VOLTA IN AMERICA (dal film omonimo)
IL BUONO, IL BRUTTO, IL CATTIVO (titoli) (dal film omonimo)
C’ERA UNA VOLTA IL WEST (dal film omonimo)
SEAN, SEAN (dal film Giù la Testa)
L’ESTASI DELL’ORO (da film Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo)

ABOLICAO (dal film Queimada)
HERE’S TO YOU (dal film Sacco e Vanzetti) mai eseguita in concerto da Ennio Morricone

‣05/11/2004 WebMaster Morricone Day at StreamingSoundtracks
On November 10th, the Maestro's birthday, StreamingSoundtracks will be playing Morricone most of the day. A lot of new Morricone soundtracks have been made available there lately so there will be a lot to choose from.

‣01/02/2005 vasusiro Interview on RAITRE "Che tempo fa" 16/01/05

‣23/09/2005 WebMaster Promoter's Trouble Scuppers Morricone Concert

‣24/10/2005 WebMaster Additional information about the Seoul concert cancellation

‣17/02/2006 WebMaster Ennio Morricone incanta Torino

‣10/03/2006 vasusiro Ennio Morricone alla Medal Plaza

‣28/07/2006 WebMaster Welcome to HostBasket
FYI, the site has been moved to another server, hosted by another company. This should put an end to all the problems which have occurred in the past months.

The data which was lost last month has been recovered for the most part, although some verification is still to be done. The e-mail address webmaster@chimai.com should be working again as well.

Thank you for visiting www.chimai.com.

Didier Thunus

‣19/12/2006 WebMaster Morricone to give a concert at UN
(ANSA) - ROMA, 14 DIC - Prima di ritirare l'Oscar alla Carriera, a Los Angeles, Ennio Morricone si esibirà per la prima volta negli Stati Uniti il 2 febbraio. Il maestro terrà un concerto di benvenuto al nuovo segretario generale dell'Onu, Ban Ki-Moon. Morricone eseguirà, oltre al suo repertorio, il brano 'Voci dal silenzio', scritto dopo l'attentato dell'11 settembre 2001 e ripensato contro tutte le stragi del mondo. A Natale invece Morricone delizierà gli spettatori di piazza del Duomo a Milano.

‣20/02/2007 lovecircle Concerto di Ennio Morricone in piazza San Marco
Il giorno 10 settembre 2007 Il Maestro Morricone dirigerà in piazza San Marco a venezia un concerto di musica per il cinema.

‣20/02/2007 WebMaster Re: Concerto di Ennio Morricone in piazza San Marco
Thank you for the info. It has been added to the Concerts section.

The webmaster

‣22/02/2007 alberta Re: Concerto di Ennio Morricone in piazza San Marco
Hello, I am from vienna and I want to go to this concert. I would like to know, where I can get tickets for this concert.
maybe you can help me. thank you.

‣22/02/2007 MatteoZanioli Tiket Concerto di Ennio Morricone in piazza San Marco

Momentarily the a lot soon for the presale of tickets of the concert in Saint public square Mark. For Being it dawns to you on the beginning of the presale gone in my situated one: www.matteozanioli.ea23.com. The situated one and dawned every day! Hello

‣24/02/2007 MatteoZanioli New site Fan Page Morricone
From Some days and assets my New situated Internet dedicated to Morricone. Link and following: http://www.matteozanioli.ea23.com

‣29/03/2007 MatteoZanioli Ticket Morricone Venezia 2007
link & info prevendite www.matteozanioli.com

‣30/03/2007 WebMaster Oscar winners set for Eurovision Summit

‣30/05/2007 MatteoZanioli New site Fan Page Morricone
E attivo un nuovo sito su ennio morricone!


‣23/07/2007 MatteoZanioli 11 Settembre 2007 Morricone Venezia
Visto l'enorme successo auto nella vendita dei biglietti la serata a venezia sarà replicata la sera del 11 settembre 2007!


‣27/07/2007 MatteoZanioli Voci Dal SIlenzio 11 Settembre 2007
L'11 Settembre Ennio Morricone Dirigerà in Piazza San Marco a Venezia un concerto contro tutte le stragi della storia umana, nella scaletta e prevista l'esecuzione di "Voci Dal Silenzio"!

‣30/09/2007 WebMaster Upcoming interview on ABC Radio National, Australia

‣14/03/2009 WebMaster Visioni private 2008-09 - Ennio Morricone

‣03/07/2009 WebMaster Villa Borghese, Roma - 27 July-3 Sept.: Omaggio a Ennio Morricone

‣27/09/2009 orbital Ennio Morricone: Faith always present in my music

‣23/10/2009 WebMaster Hollywood Bowl concert CANCELLED !!!

‣24/10/2009 WebMaster Film Composers Speak About Ennio Morricone's Impact

‣20/11/2009 orbital Did the Maestro score a 1972 Bruce Lee flick?
I stumbled across the SoundtrackCollector page of the 1972 Bruce Lee movie MENG LONG GUO JIANG where the Maestro is credited as composer along with John Barry:
=> http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/catalog/soundtrackdetail.php?movieid=10194

The IMDb site of the film does not mention it:
=> http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0068935/

Does anyone know anything more specific about this project? Is it true?

‣20/11/2009 WebMaster Re: Did the Maestro score a 1972 Bruce Lee flick?
I think that this is the movie where Come una sentenza and L'attentato are heard (both from C'era una volta il West). Morricone never wrote music for a Bruce Lee movie.



‣21/11/2009 orbital Re: Did the Maestro score a 1972 Bruce Lee flick?
Thanks, Didier!

‣03/12/2009 EurochannelUSA Morricone's concert with the Munich Philarmonic on Eurochannel
In December, Eurochannel, the only channel with 100% European content available on DISH Network, presents the Italian composer Ennio Morricone. This outstanding composer has conducted some of the most famous scores, including The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Mission, The Untouchables or Once Upon a Time in the West. Enjoy the unique opportunity to revisit more than 40 years of cult movies during an exceptional concert with the Munich Philarmonic.

Morricone conducts Morricone will premiere on the 18th of December at 9 PM (Eastern) and 10 PM (Pacific).

Find more information on www.eurochannel.com

‣06/12/2009 eda-88 Russian old articles (2005)
First article

Article from the other journal, 2005, june!
1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4

More coming soon....

‣03/11/2010 WebMaster New book: Lontano dai sogni

‣20/12/2010 eda-88 Interview (2002)

‣09/09/2011 WebMaster Gubbio concert cancelled!

‣06/03/2013 eda-88 New concert in Moscow in November
Maybe it's fake...
13/14 movember he will be in Moscow again! In "Crocus City Hall"!
They writes that also music from DJANGO:UNCHAINED will be performed!

‣15/03/2013 eda-88 Re: New concert in Moscow in November


Il prossimo 13 e 14 di Novembre, il Maestro Ennio Morricone tornerà ad esibirsi a Mosca, dopo il clamoroso successo dell’anno scorso, per incantare ancora una volta con le sue più celebri musiche per film con le orchestrazioni originali, dirigendo l’Orchestra Sinfonica e il Coro Polifonico locale sullo scenario del Crocus City Hall.


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