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Le Ricain

(Movie) Jean-Marie Pallardy, 1977

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Category: Police – French User Rating: Awaiting 3 votes Vote
No track title is available for this movie
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Member Detailed Credits
‣15/07/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LE RICAIN (1975) (Part 1)
Obscure Turkish/French B-film.
Turkish title: BELALI TATIL – French title: LE RICAIN – US title: THE MAN FROM CHICAGO link

Director (Turkey): Stéphane Melikian (real name: Stepan Melikyan) link
Director (Turkey): Sohban Kologlu (1918-2000) link
Director (France): Jean-Marie Pallardy (1940-) link
Premiered in Turkey on 1 December 1975, in France on 25 May 1977. link / link

Turkish movie poster: "1975 – Jean Marie Paillardy [sic]" jpg
French movie poster: "Ballade du Ricain – musique composée et dirigée par Ennio Moriconne [sic]" jpg

The film-music credit for LE RICAIN usually goes to Ennio Morricone. link / link
A slight exaggeration. In reality the soundtrack is a patchwork of pre-existing material, for the most part done by composers other than Morricone.

The film contains one unreleased Morricone cue, a whistled melody accompanied by guitar. Director Jean-Marie Pallardy said in an interview (with Patrick Bouster) that all music in the film is stock music. This includes the whistled Morricone tune. 'Just for fun' Pallardy replaced the original whistling with his own. (Maestro #3, page 27)

‣15/07/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LE RICAIN (1975) (Part 2)
In both the French and American opening titles, one piece is prominently attributed to Ennio Morricone.
The US film-print speaks of the "Ballad of The Man from Chicago", the French print calls it "Ballade du Ricain".
Opening credits (US print of the film): "Theme music (Ballad of The Man From Chibago [sic]) composed and directed by Ennio Morricone" jpg
Opening credits (French print): "Theme [sic] Incontro (Ballade du Ricain), musique composèe [sic] et dirigèe [sic] par Ennio Morricone" jpg
The phrase "Thème Incontro (Ballade du Ricain)" seems to indicate that the "ballad" is NOT the whistled tune, but the main theme from INCONTRO (1971) which was reused in LE RICAIN (1975).

Play the whistled Morricone melody (lifted directly from the film): mp3
Play the reused main theme from INCONTRO (1971): mp3 – About the INCONTRO soundtrack: link

All in all, the film only adds one unreleased pre-existing Morricone-composed tune: a whistled ditty with the original whistling replaced by that of director Pallardy.

Member Comments
‣05/01/2013 eda-88 Main titles

‣05/01/2013 eda-88 Morricone track
We have talking with Micke http://www.enniomorricone.it/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=939&start=10 and he thinks original Morricone's one:

It's like some Sicilian.... (Prefetto Di Ferro)

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‣07/01/2014 eda-88 Missing composers in the database
‣07/01/2019 eda-88 Re: Missing composers in the database

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