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Tango italiano

(Track) 2:26 Miranda Martino, 1959

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Studio from Via Margutta (1960) ,  released on Miranda Martino - Al posto del cuore (1960) (and 1 more)
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Conductor:Ennio Morricone
Vocals:Miranda Martino
Not known
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‣13/05/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Miranda Martino: TANGO ITALIANO (1960) (Part 1)
Is the "Tango italiano" version, released on 2CD "Ennio Morricone, Ultimate Italian Pops Collection" (2001), really a Morricone credit?
The information we have so far is insufficient and contradictory, but it looks like the track was orchestrated by Pat Bodio, not Ennio Morricone.

2:25 – Tango italiano – From the film VIA MARGUTTA (1960)

Authors: Amurri/Morgan jpg
Composer: Piero Morgan (real name: Piero Piccioni) (1921-2004) link / link
Lyricist: Antonio Amurri (1925-1992) link
Orchestrator, Conductor: probably Pat Bodio (real name: José Espeita García-Arista) (1912-2002)
Vocals: Miranda Martino (1933-)

Released on vinyl single:
Al posto del cuore / Tango italiano – RCA Italiana 45N 1038 – Italy – 1960 link
On the front sleeve it says that both songs are from the movie VIA MARGUTTA (scored by Piero Piccioni). jpg
The Morricone connection is referenced here: link / link
The question is, are these references based on information provided by the 1960 vinyl single itself, or was the Morricone credit simply lifted from the "Pops Collection" 2CD (2001)?
Does the actual record give orchestrator-credit to Ennio Morricone for both songs?
For the time being, we don't have access to the back sleeve or labels of the 45.
"Numero di catalogo N 1038 – Anno 1960" link
About the A-side song (Al posto del cuore): link

‣13/05/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Miranda Martino: TANGO ITALIANO (1960) (Part 2)
In the same year (1960) the track was also released on vinyl EP:
Scandale au soleil / Frénésie / Divinamente / Tango italiano – RCA 75.626 – France – 1960
This 1960 EP does indeed give us the information we need, the authors and orchestrators are clearly listed and we are able to listen to samples of the featured songs.
Front: jpg
B-side label: Tango Italiano – Authors: Amurri/Morgan – Orchestre: Pat Bodio jpg
About track B1 (Divinamente): link

Released on 2CD:
Ennio Morricone, Ultimate Italian Pops Collection – BMG BVCM-37208-9 – Japan – 2001 (CD 1, track 2) link
The 2CD provides no info about the original release of the track and lists the wrong authors, yet the orchestration is ascribed to Ennio Morricone.
Tracklist (page 2 of booklet): "Al posto del cuore" (track 1): Unknown authors – "Tango italiano" (track 2): Mistakenly credited to Pallesi/Malgoni, who wrote a different song with the same title. jpg
The Pallesi/Malgoni song was not released until 1962 and has no connection with the VIA MARGUTTA film (1960). link

The alleged Morricone version of "Tango italiano" as featured on the "Pops Collection" 2CD (2:25): mp3

Compare with:
Sample 1 of the 1960 Pat Bodio version ("2:25"): link (click on below link ">", click on "Plage 2 - Tango italiano")
The "Tango italiano" sample is identical to the "Pops Collection" version (1:55 to 2:25).
Sample 2 of the 1960 Pat Bodio version ("2:25"): link (click on the triangle in front of "Tango Italiano")
The "Tango italiano" sample is identical to the "Pops Collection" version (1:30 to 2:00).

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