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Tema di Mosè

[1] (Track) 3:48 Ennio Morricone, Dov Seltzer, 1999

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Cover Version
Studio from Mosè (1974) ,  released on Richard Clayderman - The fantastic movie story of Ennio Morricone (1999)
Composer:Ennio Morricone (1974)
Composer:Dov Seltzer (1974)
Arranger:Hervé Roy
Conductor:Olivier Toussaint
Performer:Richard Clayderman
Cross References
Other Performances
None Known
Same Variation
Studio Tema di Mosè (Titoli di testa) by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Mosè (1) by Andy Bono (1975)
Studio Mosè (6) by Gianni Oddi (1975)
Studio Moses theme - Main title by London Starlight Orchestra (1986)
Studio Moses Theme by The Soho Strings (1995)
Studio Mosè (3) by Silvia Calzavara (2001)
Studio Mosè (4) by Silvio Celeghin (2001)
Reproduction Moses the Lawgiver by The City of Prague Philharmonic (2003)
Studio Tema Di Mosè by Crazy Baldheads (2003)
Studio Moses theme (1) by Damian Luca (2009)
Reproduction Mosè by I Solisti e Orchestre del Cinema Italiano (2012)
Same Theme
Studio Diglielo al tuo dio by Maria Carta (1974)
Studio Lamentazione seconda by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Le quaglie by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Tema di Mosè (Rito della pasqua) by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Tema di Mosè (Titoli di coda) by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Tema di Mosè (Viaggio) by Bruno Nicolai (1974)
Studio Burning Day by Mireille Mathieu (1976)
Studio Mosè (1) by Massimiliano Damerini (1995)
Studio Mosè (1) (1997)
Studio Renascer by Dulce Pontes (2003)
Studio Theme by Yo Yo Ma (2004)
Live Mosè - Tema by Luca Pincini (2008)
Studio Mosè (5) by Gilda Buttà (2010)
Live Mosè (1) by Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (2012)
Studio Mosè (9) by Archi di Santa Cecilia (2017)
Live Mosè, per violoncello e archi (9) by Roma Sinfonietta (2019)
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about Mosè (Soundtrack) :
‣27/07/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: MOSES THE LAWGIVER (1973) (Part 1)
‣27/07/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: MOSES THE LAWGIVER (1973) (Part 2)
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about Mosè (Soundtrack) :
‣17/03/2015 ut-re-mi Last time Morricone & Nicolai together
‣23/09/2017 Maximus Another cover of the main theme

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