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Si muore d'amore

[1] (Track) 3:47 Ennio Morricone, 1972

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aka D'amore si muore, For Love One Can die, On peut mourir d'amour, One Can Die of Love, Si muore d'amore (#6), You Die of Love / Si muore d'amore
Studio from D'amore si muore (1972) (and 1 more) ,  released on Ennio Morricone - Bandes originales des films (1980) (and 29 more)
Composer:Ennio Morricone
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Conductor:Ennio Morricone
Cross References
Other Performances
None Known
Same Variation
Studio D'amore si muore (1) by Triology (1998)
Studio Si muore d'amore (9) by Koji Oikawa (2001)
Studio D'amore si muore (2) by Damian Luca (2009)
Studio Morir d'amore - I Die a Little by Romina Arena (2012)
Same Theme
Studio D'amore si muore by Milva (1972)
Studio Lei mi ama (1972)
Studio Lei mi ama (1) (1972)
Studio Lei mi ama (2) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (2) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (3) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (5) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (6) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (7) (1972)
Studio Si muore d'amore (8) (1972)
Studio Il ne reste plus rien by Mireille Mathieu (1974)
Style: Melodic
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‣14/02/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on 2CD: FILM MUSIC 1966-1987 (1987)
about D'amore si muore (Soundtrack) :
‣04/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: D'AMORE SI MUORE (1972) (Part 1)
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Member Comments
‣26/11/2010 eda-88 Wrong database
Your database little wrong, i mean about this track, which released on many other compilations as 'For Love One Can Die'.
I have many compilations - including this track, let's take for example "Film Music 1966-1987", and i tell you for sure, on Verita Note this track under #14 as 'Si muore d'amore (#6)'.

Because 1st track on Verita Note, not exactly as track #14 on same CD but track #14 the same like on many compilations (example FILM MUSIC 1966-1987).

‣26/11/2010 WebMaster Re: Wrong database
Thanks a lot Eldar. The database is now corrected.


‣27/11/2010 eda-88 Re: Re: Wrong database
You're welcome, but i should correct one more thing, i've listened VERITA NOTE version several times - track #14 and compared with the "same" track on compilation: For Love One Can Die.
I thought it's absolutely the same but slightly different.

Track 14 Si Muore D'Amore (#6) (03:55) the same which on many compilations as FOR LOVE ONE CAN DIE, but this interval 1:52-1:57 not the same...

On VERITA NOTE - this short interval without drums, on my CD 'Film Music 1966-1987' with drums.

Maybe the instrument i mean not exactly drums - but something on the background of piano and orchestra.

I'm sure the version which called FOR LOVE ONE CAN DIE - on compilations slightly different than the same track on VERITA NOTE.

As for track #1 on Verita Note CD - the same track but violon, not piano.

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‣20/06/2003 WebMaster Re: Wrong cover
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‣02/04/2008 eda-88 Covers
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‣06/01/2019 eda-88 Opening titles
‣06/01/2019 eda-88 Re: Notes on D'AMORE SI MUORE [1972] [Part 2]
‣07/01/2019 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Notes on Soundtrack: D'AMORE SI MUORE (1972)
‣07/01/2019 eda-88 Re: Re: Re: Notes on Soundtrack: D'AMORE SI MUORE (1972)
‣02/01/2021 eda-88 MAIN / END titles

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