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La Ragion pura

(Movie) Silvano Agosti, 2001

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The Sleeping WifeUnited States 
Member Detailed Credits
‣27/01/2014 Patrick B Music and credits in LA RAGION PURA
* Main titles music : a string base (1’29), maybe for Alla finestra or Stella cadente
* End titles music : a solo trumpet excerpt (see below), soon mixed with La ragion pura 3
* Other unreleased music after the GDM CD 4167 (2013) :
- before the main titles : a musical logo “Per un cinema indipendente e d’autore” for the Agosti‘s production (0’29), not identified, maybe from an older film
- a voices and choir track with some strings (a little like Ricordo d'infanzia but more harsh and varied), on the main theme (1'10)
- a slow string track, in the vein and on the theme of Stella cadente, more minimalistic (1'58)
- a final solo piano part after Alla Satie, on the main theme (0'46)
- two trumpet solos, in a more bass level (0'40 and 0'27), the first one repeated partially in other cuts

Some other tracks are not by Morricone : a source performance of a little jazz piece, Pavane by Gabriel Fauré performed by the trio Tirasboschi and Requiem by Fauré performed by the Symphonica orchestra of Leningrad (credited in end titles).
* Film credits (translated from the end titles):
Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Ennio Morricone
Orchestra : Academia musicale italiana. Voices and choir : Coro di voci bianche dell’Arcum (dir. Paolo Lucci)
Soloists :
Trumpet : Nello Salza
Violin : Maryse Regard
Piano : Gilda Buttà
Piano solo for “la scena dell’infanzia” (Alla Satie) : Ennio Morricone

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