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Roma: Imago urbis

(Documentary) Luigi Bazzoni, 1992

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Mythus - Il mito (episode 1)
De immortalitate - L’immortalità (episode 2)
Aquae - Gli acquedotti (episode 3)
Moenia - Le mura (episode 4)
Imagines - I volti (episode 5)
Res Gestae - Le gesta (episode 6)
La casa (episode 7)
De divinitate - Gli dei (episode 8)
Mirabilia mundi - Le opere (episode 9)
Genius loci - Natura e mito (episode 10)
Res publica et jus - Lo Stato e il diritto (episode 11)
De spectaculis - Gli spettacoli (episode 12)
Septimontium - I colli sacri (episode 13)
Viae - Le vie dell'impero (episode 14)
De fortuna Romae - L’immagine di Roma (episode 15)
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about Roma: Imago urbis (Soundtrack) :
‣19/08/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: ROMA IMAGO URBIS (1993)
Member Comments
‣02/08/2014 eda-88 Moenia(?)
Is this one more project i wasn't aware?

‣10/08/2014 WebMaster Re: Moenia(?)
This seems to be another title for the episode 4 "Le mure". See page 2, right, here: http://www.artdocfestival.com/PDF%20CATALOGHI/11.ARCHEO_2005.pdf

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about Roma: Imago urbis (Soundtrack) :
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