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La Bibbia

(TV Series) Joseph Sargent, Ermanno Olmi, Peter Hall, Roger Young, Nicolas Roeg, Robert Markowitz, Raffaele Mertes, 1993

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The BibleUnited States 
Die BibelGermany 
AbramoItaly (1993 )
AbrahamUnited States 
Genesi: La creazione e il diluvioItaly (1994 )
Genesis: The Creation and the FloodUnited States 
GiacobbeItaly (1994 )
Jacob: A TNT Bible StoryUnited States 
Sansone e DalilaItaly (1996 )
Samson and DelilahUnited States 
GiuseppeItaly (1995 )
JosephUnited States 
MosèItaly (1996 )
MosesUnited States 
DavideItaly (1997 )
DavidUnited States 
SalomoneItaly (1997 )
SolomonUnited States 
Ester regina di PersiaItaly (1999 )
EstherUnited States 
Joseph Sargent (Abramo)
Ermanno Olmi (Genesi)
Peter Hall (Giacobbe)
Roger Young (Giuseppe, Salomone, Mosè)
Nicolas Roeg (Sansone e Dalila)
Robert Markowitz (Davide)
Raffaele Mertes (Ester)
Lionel Chetwynd (Giacobbe, Giuseppe, Mosè)
Alan Scott (Sansone e Dalila)
James Carrington (Giuseppe)
Larry Gross (Davide)
Vittorio Gassman Terach (in Abramo)
Richard Harris Abraham (in Abramo)
Barbara Hershey Sarah (in Abramo)
Gottfried John Eliezer (in Abramo)
Andrea Prodan (in Abramo)
Carolina Rosi Hagar (in Abramo)
Maximilian Schell Pharao (in Abramo)
Taylor Scipio Isaak (in Abramo)
Omero Antonutti (in Genesi)
Matthew Modine Jacob (in Giacobbe)
Lara Flynn Boyle Rachel (in Giacobbe)
Sean Bean Esau (in Giacobbe)
Joss Ackland Isaac (in Giacobbe)
Irene Papas Rebekah (in Giacobbe)
Giancarlo Giannini Laban (in Giacobbe)
Christoph Waltz Morash (in Giacobbe)
Elizabeth Hurley Dalila (in Sansone e Dalila)
Eric Thal Samson (in Sansone e Dalila)
Michael Gambon Re Hamun (in Sansone e Dalila)
Dennis Hopper Generale Tariq (in Sansone e Dalila)
Deborah Caprioglio (in Sansone e Dalila)
Alessandro Gassman Amrok (in Sansone e Dalila)
Pinkas Braun Harach (in Sansone e Dalila)
Paul Mercurio Joseph (in Giuseppe)
Ben Kingsley Moses (in Mosè), Potiphar (in Giuseppe)
Martin Landau Jacob (in Giuseppe)
Lesley Ann Warren Potiphar's wife (in Giuseppe)
Alice Krige Rachel (in Giuseppe)
Dominique Sanda Leah (in Giuseppe)
Monica Bellucci Pharaoh's wife (in Giuseppe)
Stefano Dionisi Pharaoh (in Giuseppe)
Valeria Cavalli Asenath (in Giuseppe)
Davide Cincis Dan (in Giuseppe)
Frank Langella Memefta (in Mosè)
David Suchet Aaron (in Mosè)
Christopher Lee Ramses (in Mosè)
Anna Galiena Ptira (in Mosè)
Enrico Lo Verso Joshua (in Mosè)
Philippe Leroy Tuntmin (in Mosè)
Anita Zagaria Jochabed (in Mosè)
Urbano Barberini Nahbi (in Mosè)
Nathaniel Parker David (in Davide)
Jonathan Pryce Saul (in Davide)
Leonard Nimoy Samuel (in Davide)
Maurice Roëves Zerack (in Mosè), Joab (in Davide)
Ben Cross Solomon (in Salomone)
Max von Sydow David (in Salomone)
Vivica A. Fox Queen of Saba (in Salomone)
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Abishag (in Salomone)
Umberto Orsini Nathan (in Salomone), Memucan (in Ester)
Louise Lombard Esther (in Ester)
F. Murray Abraham Mordecai (in Ester)
Jürgen Prochnow Haman (in Ester)
Ornella Muti Queen Vashti (in Ester)
Lorenzo Minoli
Eleonora Andreatta (Sansone e Dalila)
Luca Bernabei
Heinrich Krauss
Paolo Piria
Gerald Rafshoon
Laura Fattori Line producer (Giuseppe, Mosè)
Ennio Morricone
Marco Frisina (Abramo, Giuseppe, Giacobbe, Sansone e Dalila, Mosè)
Chikuzan Takahashi Song Tsugaru-Ondo (in Genesi)
Max Roach Song Triptych (1960) (in Genesi)
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (1988) (Genesi)
Carlo Siliotto (Davide, Ester)
Patrick Williams (Salomone)
Raffaele Mertes
Giovanni Galasso (Ester)
Michael Ellis (Sansone e Dalila)
David Beatty (Davide)
Paul Rubell (Davide)
Bill Blunden (Giacobbe)
Alessandro Lucidi (Ester)
Casting Director
Chiara Meloni (Sansone e Dalila, Davide)
Jeremy Zimmerman
Cornelia von Braun
Set Decorator
Paolo Biagetti
Costume Designer
Enrico Sabbatini
Bruce Nazarian (Abramo)
Bernard Bats
Tommy Goodwin
Assistant Director
Tony Brandt assistant director (in Abramo)
Serena Canevari (Sansone e Dalila)
Sergio Ercolessi (Davide, Salomone)
Ennio Morricone
Marco Frisina
Carlo Siliotto
Patrick Williams
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‣26/02/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: ABRAHAM (1993)
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