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El Greco

(Movie) Luciano Salce, 1963

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by Bob Hendrikx on 14/02/2020:

Notes on Soundtrack: EL GRECO (1964) (Part 1)
Director: Luciano Salce (1922-1989) link
The film was completed in 1964, but remained unreleased until 1966. link / link
Certified in Italy on 16 November 1965. jpg
Premiered in Italy on 15 August 1966. link

Composer, Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone (1928-) – Opening credits: jpg
Conductor: Franco Ferrara (1911-1985)
Choir: Not credited

1:48 – A4 – Alleluja, alleluja (aka "Alleluia, alleluia", track 13 on 2007 CD)
3:18 – A5 – Conclusione (aka "Unus et trinus", track 21)
The EL GRECO score did not emerge until 1986, but these two tracks came out in 1973 as part of the GIORDANO BRUNO score, released on LP:
Giordano Bruno – RCA Original Cast OLS 21 – Italy – December 1973 link
The record label correctly ascribes conductor credit for GIORDANO BRUNO to Bruno Nicolai. The two tracks from EL GRECO, however, were conducted by Franco Ferrara. jpg – About the GIORDANO BRUNO soundtrack: link

1:52 – A3 – Tema d'amore (aka "Invocazione seconda", track 12 on 2007 CD)
First released on LP:
Le colonne sonore di Ennio Morricone, Vol. 3 – RCA Lineatre NL 33162 – Italy – 1980 link
A-side label: "80 – El Greco, Tema d'amore – 1:53 – Orch. dir. da Franco Ferrara" jpg
"Numero di catalogo NL 33162 – Anno 1980" link

Part 2: link

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