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(Movie) Roland Joffé, 2000

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by Bob Hendrikx on 22/03/2020:

Notes on Soundtrack: VATEL (2000) (Part 1)
Director: Roland Joffé (1945-) link
Premiered in France and Belgium on 10 May 2000. link / link

Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone – Opening credits: jpg

Orchestra: Accademia Musicale Italiana (aka AMIT)
Choir (track 9): Coro Musicanova
Voices (tracks 1,4,6,7): Kammerton Vocal Ensemble (Anna De Martini and others).
Vocals (tracks 10,11): Arielle Dombasle (1953-) link
Violin: Ettore Pellegrino
Flute: Paolo Capirci
Harpsichord: Barbara Vignanelli
Trombone (should read 'Trumpet family'): Nello Salza (Maestro #5, pages 27,31)
Recorded at Forum Music Village (1997-), Rome.
(2000 CD, inlay and back card) – Closing credits: jpg

Flute: Paolo Zampini (Maestro #7, page 57)

Part 2: link

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