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City of Joy

(Movie) Roland Joffé, 1992

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by Bob Hendrikx on 24/03/2020:

Notes on Soundtrack: CITY OF JOY (1992) (Part 1)
Director: Roland Joffé (1945-) link
Premiered in the US on 17 April 1992. link

Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone – Opening credits: jpg

Music recorded at Forum Studio (1980-1997), Rome:
Orchestra: Unione Musicisti di Roma
Flauto Dolce/Recorder: Laura Pontecorvo
Flutes: Paolo Zampini (Maestro #7, page 57)
Piccolo Clarinet: Stefano Novelli
Piccolo Trumpet: Mauro Maur (1958-)
Panpipes: Felice Clemente & Raffaele Clemente
Synthesizer: Amedeo Tommasi (1935-)
Synthesizer: Gianluca Podio (1963-)

Music recorded at CTS Studios, London:
Orchestra: The London Studio Orchestra
Choir (tracks 1,7): The Stephen Hill Singers link
Voice (track 10): Not credited
Indian Flute: Mike Taylor link
Tabla/Hand Drums: Sirish Manji
Tampura/Lute: Manti Aswin
Sitar: Chandra Ramesh
Shenai/Oboe: Erwin Keiles
Viola: Levine Andrade
Synthesizer: Glen Keiles
Synthesizer: Richard Blackford
(1992 CD, page 3 of inlay) – Closing credits: jpg

Part 2: link

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