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(Track) 2:43 Paolina Morrione, Mario Marletta, 1961

by Bob Hendrikx on 17/12/2019:

Notes on Milva: VERRÒ (1961) (Part 1)
This song is NOT connected to Ennio Morricone in any way.
Lyrics: Paolina Morrione – Music: Matteo Marletta – Orchestrator: Marcello Giombini

The Ennio Morricone Musicography (1990) had little to go on when it said: "As composer is mentioned 'Morrione', but this is probably a misprint for Morricone." (EMM, page 23)
The assumption was based on the spelling similarity between Morrione and Morricone, but also on the sequencing of the author names printed on the vinyl single.
Normally the surname of the lyricist is listed first, followed by the surname of the composer (Morrione/Marletta).
Instead, the label of the 45 reads 'Marletta/Morrione', implying that Marletta wrote the lyrics and Morrione the music.

2:43 – Verrò [I'll come]

Authors: Morrione/Marletta
Lyricist: Paolina Morrione
Composer: Matteo Marletta (1885-1969)
Orchestrator, Conductor: Marcello Giombini (1928-2003)
Choir: Coro di Franco Potenza (1922-2011)
Vocals: Milva (real name: Maria Ilva Biolcati) (1939-)
"musica: Matteo Marletta – testo: Paolina Morrione – orchestra: Marcello Giombini – canta: Milva link

Released on vinyl single:
Verrò / Vicino al ciel – Cetra SP 1071 – Italy – 1961 link
A-side label: "Marletta/Morrione" (which should read: 'Morrione/Marletta') link
"Numero di catalogo: SP 1071 – Anno 1961" link
About the B-side song (Vicino al ciel): link

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Part 2: link

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