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Corri, uomo, corri

(Movie) Sergio Sollima, 1968

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by Bob Hendrikx on 10/06/2019:

Notes on Soundtrack: CORRI UOMO CORRI (1968) (Part 1)
Director: Sergio Sollima (1921-2015) link
Certified: 27 August 1968 link
First screened: 29 August 1968 link

Composer credit ascribed to Bruno Nicolai on all audio releases. – Opening credits: jpg
Composers: Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai link
Composer: Ennio Morricone – "For contractual reasons credited to Nicolai, but actually composed by Morricone." link / link / link
Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone (EMM 273)
Conductor: Bruno Nicolai (EMM 273)

Choir (24 of the 33 tracks on 2007 CD): I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
Guitar, Whistling (track 4): Alessandro Alessandroni
Lyricist (tracks 1, 33): Giutil (real name: Giuliano Tilesi)
Vocals (track 1): Tomas Milian (real name: Tomás Quentín Rodríguez) (1933-2017)
Vocals (track 33): Peter Boom (full name: Joan Peter Boom) (1936-2011)

3:03 – A – Espanto en el corazon [Spanish for 'fright in the heart'] – Vocals: Tomas Milian [track 1 on 2007 CD]
2:16 – B – Americana [aka "Cieli azzurri e terre verdi", track 31] – Play: mp3
First released on vinyl single:
Corri uomo corri: Espanto en el corazón / Americana – CAM AMP 46 – Italy – 1968
A-side label: "canta Tomas Millian" jpg
B-side label: jpg
"Numero di catalogo AMP 46 – Anno 1968" link

Part 2: link

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