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An Englishman's Castle

(TV Series) Paul Ciappessoni, 1978

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Category: Thriller/Fantasy – Sci-Fi/Mystery User Rating: Awaiting 3 votes Vote
Reused Tracks (Revisions) PerformedReleased
1 3:30 Chi mai 1977 Come Maddalena (Vinyl-7'' Negram 5N006-99463 - 1977) 1977
Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;
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about Film Music 1966-1987 (Virgin 1988) (Album) :
‣19/12/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on 2CD: FILM MUSIC 1966-1987 (1987)
about Chi mai (Track) :
‣27/10/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on the 3:26 version of CHI MAI (1977) (Part 1)
‣27/10/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on the 3:26 version of CHI MAI (1977) (Part 2)
‣27/10/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on the 5:05 version of CHI MAI (1977)
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about Morricone-Belmondo (DRG 1999) (Album) :
‣07/09/2002 Didier Thunus Duplicate track
about Film Music, vol.1 (Virgin 1992) (Album) :
‣20/06/2003 Cali Wrong cover
‣20/06/2003 WebMaster Re: Wrong cover
about Made in France (Play-Time 2007) (Album) :
‣17/02/2007 WebMaster Track listing to be confirmed
‣06/03/2007 WebMaster Track listing rectified
‣30/12/2007 eda-88 All Booklet
‣09/01/2008 eda-88 Re: All Booklet
about Le meilleur de Ennio Morricone - L'album du 80ème anniversaire (Groupe Express Roularta 2008) (Album) :
‣14/05/2008 WebMaster Availability and details
about Film Music 1966-1987 (Virgin 1988) (Album) :
‣11/07/2013 chinchi Error in database or is that I have another edition:
about Morricone-Belmondo (DRG 1999) (Album) :
‣06/01/2015 eda-88 Rare foto
about Le Professionnel (General Music 1981) (Album) :
‣12/11/2020 Bob Hendrikx Not a CD
about Le Professionnel (General Music 1981) (Album) :
‣12/11/2020 Bob Hendrikx Not an LP
about Le Professionnel (General Music 1981) (Album) :
‣21/11/2020 WebMaster Re: Not a CD
about Le Professionnel (General Music 1981) (Album) :
‣21/11/2020 WebMaster Re: Not an LP
about Chi mai (Track) :
‣12/11/2006 mozartito Re: informazione
‣15/11/2006 WebMaster Re: Re: informazione
‣09/01/2012 Didlybom My recording on the piano with echo and strings
‣26/07/2012 ut-re-mi Chi mai by Miriam Nemcova & Myleene Klass (Piano)
‣18/05/2015 eda-88 Live in Moscow 2012

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