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¡Viva la muerte... tuya!

(Movie) Duccio Tessari, 1972

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Category: Western – Violent User Rating: Awaiting 3 votes Vote
No track title is available for this movie
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Member Detailed Credits
‣09/10/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: VIVA LA MUERTE... TUA! (1971)
Italian title: VIVA LA MUERTE... TUA! – Spanish title: ¡VIVA LA MUERTE... TUYA!

Director: Duccio Tessari (1926-1994) link
The film premiered in Italy on 22 December 1971.link

Music by Gianni Ferrio (1924-2013) link / link
Opening credits: jpg

The Spanish opening credits wrongly ascribe the soundtrack to Ennio Morricone. jpg

Member Comments
‣26/03/2008 eda-88 Who is composed by?
Who was composed in that movie?
Gianni Ferrio or Ennio Morricone?
And also in "I luinghi giorni della vendetta"-Trovajoli or Morricone?Or in both films they composed together?
But why i can't find any info about soundtrack by Ferrio or by Morricone for "Viva..la muerte!"?
About "Quien Sabe" i know-Morricone was a friend of Bacalov...but never wrote any music for "Quien Sabe" his name only in title..!
Nothing else!In title like "music supervisor" but in fact h? is was not advisor or supervisor..
Check out this Russian news:
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????? ????? ?????????? ? ???????, ??? ?????? ???????? ? ?????? ?????? ?????????... ??????? ????? ????????, ?? ??? ?? ???????, ?????? ??? ? ??????? ????????? ? ???, ????????-????????? ????????? ????????????. ? ?????, ? ?????? ???????? ???.
? ???????????????? ????????? ???? ?? ?????? ??????, ???? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??????.

?? ???? ????????? ??? ??????? ? ????? ?? ????????, ????? ??????? "??????".

‣26/03/2008 WebMaster Re: Who is composed by?
Hi Eldar,

Thanks for your comments and questions. Many times, a western included one or two existing pieces by Morricone, but the soundtrack was actually written by another composer. I suppose that this is what happened with "Viva la muerte" and "I lunghi giorni...". Regarding "Quien sabe", indeed Morricone was probably not involved at all.

Best regards,

PS: For some reason, Russian characters are not accepted by the system. I'll try to see why.

‣28/03/2008 eda-88 Name of composer in title of "Viva la muerte... tua!"

‣22/03/2010 eda-88 Re: Name of composer in title of 'Viva la muerte... tua!'

Cover link doesn't available already year, if someone interested i'll make screen with name again.

I many times saw this very funny adventure-western movie, here is very very nice score, but actually not by Morricone, it's not very catchy tunes, when you watching the movie, you like the score and remember, but when you already finished to watch it, you forget any of music, any of pieces of this OST, nice, but not the masterpiece, perhaps that's why it's never released, not very expected OST for many Ferrio lovers, i'm Ferrio lover too but this his work is not the best, i very much like his music & admire his talente, but it's his average work, but too many music he wrote for this movie, many different motives...
The movie full of OST!

And i didn't feel any of Morricone here, looks like Morricone not involved here...

Anyway for some reason IMDB gives credits to him...

‣24/03/2010 Patrick B Re: Re: Name of composer in title of 'Viva la muerte... tuya!'
Yes, indeed the composer is Gianni Ferrio.
In an article "Res nulla" (MSV 108) I mentioned numerous mistakes in some EM's filmographies. I listed this film in the chapter "wrongly ascribed", partly because of imdb.com's mistake among many other ones.
Morricone didn't actually compose all the Italian westerns !
This one, featured in DVD, doesn't belong to the best or high medium level westerns. This year 72 begins the end of the good Italian western; officially dead 1 year later after "My name is Nobody".

‣28/03/2010 eda-88 Re: Re: Re: Name of composer in title of 'Viva la muerte... tuya!'
Moreover, Duccio Tessari very often collaborated with Gianni Ferrio, if you remember the movies 'Una Farfalla con le ali insanguinate', 'Tony Arzenta', 'Tex E Il Signore Degli Abissi', 'La morte risale a ieri sera', etc...

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