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Gli Angeli del potere

(TV Movie) Giorgio Albertazzi, 1988

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Category: Drama – Political User Rating: 8.2/10 4 stars Vote
Originals PerformedReleased
1 2:53 La finestra e un violino 1988 Morricone-Ortolani-Piovani - Original TV Soundtracks (3CD Fonit CDM 2097 - Italy - 1996) 1996
2 4:06 Primavera a Praga 1988 Morricone-Ortolani-Piovani - Original TV Soundtracks (3CD Fonit CDM 2097 - Italy - 1996) 1996
3 2:44 Maria e gli angeli 1988 Morricone-Ortolani-Piovani - Original TV Soundtracks (3CD Fonit CDM 2097 - Italy - 1996) 1996
4 5:43 Una triste festa 1988 Morricone-Ortolani-Piovani - Original TV Soundtracks (3CD Fonit CDM 2097 - Italy - 1996) 1996
Revisions PerformedReleased
5 3:01 Il potere degli angeli This track has been performed several times. Click here to see the other performances of the same arrangement. 1997 Io, Ennio Morricone (4CD Compagnia Nuove Indye CNDL14201 - Italy - 2002) 2002
Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;
5: Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor; Gilda Buttà Performer;
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Member Detailed Credits
‣01/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: GLI ANGELI DEL POTERE (1988)
GLI ANGELI DEL POTERE [the power of angels] – 100-minute TV movie (RAI, 1988) link
Director: Giorgio Albertazzi (1923-2016) link

Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone
Orchestra: Unione Musicisti di Roma

"Primavera a Praga" (track 1/19 on 1996 3CD)
Authors: Albertazzi/Morricone
Lyricist: Giorgio Albertazzi (director of the film)
Choir: no info
Vocals: Edda Dell'Orso (1935-)

2:35 – 18 – La finestra e un violino [the window and a violin]
4:03 – 19 – Primavera a Praga [spring in Prague] – Play: mp3
2:44 – 20 – Maria e gli angeli [Maria and the angels]
5:43 – 21 – Una triste festa [a sad party]
First released on CD 1 of 3CD:
Original TV Soundtracks, Morricone-Ortolani-Piovani – Fonit Cetra CDM 2097 – Italy – 1996 link
Tracklist of CD 1 in booklet: "Unione Musicisti di Roma – Albertazzi/Morricone – Edda Dell'Orso" jpg

Track 19 also released on 15CD:
Ennio Morricone: The Complete Edition – GDM 0194392ERE – EU – 2008 (CD 10, track 12) link / link

Unreleased: ten additional tracks are registered with copyright agency SIAE. (Maestro #8, page 28)

Member Comments
‣29/05/2010 lowephato Re: Notes on GLI ANGELI DEL POTERE [1988]
Thanks as always for the YouTube links. Maybe one day you'll surprise me with "Don't Kill God" on YouTube. I actually searched YouTube again today to see if I could find anything on that film and I found several clips of a woman ranting on about God and the devil. Very strange. She seemed to be in some "sort" of institution. Perhaps that's best.

‣31/05/2010 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Notes on GLI ANGELI DEL POTERE [1988]
Dear John,
DON'T KILL GOD has obscure written all over it.
It's probably a docu-drama, but we know nothing about it.
No info on Jacqueline Manzano, the director.
No info on the hymn sung by Barbara Henricks, or is it Hendricks?
Did Morricone write just the one cue...


‣02/06/2010 lowephato Re: Re: Re: Notes on GLI ANGELI DEL POTERE [1988]
Thanks, Bob. As far as I can discern, it is "the" Barbara Hendricks, the famous soprano. Maybe one day we'll find out more. Keep up the great work.

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