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Nouvelles rencontres

(Movie) Jean Luret, 1980

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‣11/11/2017 Maximus More information and correction
According to the M. Graziosi's article from 9.04.2016, music in that film (Italian title: Canadesi supersex)was written by David Fairstein and information on DVD's about Maestro is fake (unfortunately the side: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0148540/fullcredits/ mentions both - Fairstein and Morricone. It seems that needs correction).

‣14/11/2017 Patrick B Re: More information and correction
This case has already been studied : in MSV 108 (2008), my article "Res nulla" about non-Morricone scored films (mistakes, existing music, …) spoke about this title.
A sample :
- L'oeil/Le facteur en vadrouille (1980) by Jean Luret : see below.
- Nouvelles rencontres by Jean Luret (1980) : David Fairstein. Jean Luret, contacted, said about : “These 2 films haven’t been directed by me (I was assistant) but surely by Alain Noroy. General music France have sold “stock music” (library music, for sonorisation) for using it in such films.” (note 5) Conclusion : no original work by Morricone here for these products classified in the erotic B range.

(5) : Answers by phone, March 2008.

‣15/11/2017 Maximus Re: Re: More information and correction
Thanks Patrick B. Unfortunately I don't have any number of MSV and also any access to it. How and where can I get it?

‣20/11/2017 garyp55 Re: Re: Re: More information and correction
I have also asked this question - having come very 'late in the game' to the final issues of MSV, courtesy of the late Don Trunick's collection.
Hopefully Martin has or will find a way to put all of them onto a drive, file, CD Rom equivalent etc, for future readers and generations. An important piece of 'archival preservation' in its own right!

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