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L'Uomo proiettile

(Movie) Silvano Agosti, 1995

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Category: – User Rating: 6.9/10 3 stars Vote
Originals PerformedReleased
1 3:36 L'uomo proiettile 1995 Ennio Morricone with love - volume two (CD DRG 32933 - United States - 1999) 1999
2 2:39 Amore nel circo 1995 Le musiche di Ennio Morricone per il cinema di Silvano Agosti (CD GDM 2041 - Italy - 2004) 2004
3 2:02 Il circo come favola 1995 Le musiche di Ennio Morricone per il cinema di Silvano Agosti (CD GDM 2041 - Italy - 2004) 2004
Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor; Andrea Morricone Composer Arranger;
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Member Detailed Credits
‣09/03/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: L'UOMO PROIETTILE (1995)
Director: Silvano Agosti (1938-) link
Certified in Italy on 7 September 1995. jpg
No info about when the film premiered.

Composer, Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone – Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor: Andrea Morricone
Opening credits: jpg
The 2004 CD (mistakenly?) credits Ennio for conducting.

Orchestra: Accademia Musicale Italiana (AMIT)
Violin: Maryse Regard (also written as Marise Regard)
Voice (track 14): Edda Dell'Orso (1935-)
Recorded at Forum Studio (1980-1997), Rome.
Closing credits: jpg

3:34 – 19 – Love Theme (aka "L'uomo proiettile", track 13 and 16 on 2004 CD)
First released on CD:
Ennio Morricone With Love, Vol. 2 – DRG Records 32933 – USA – 1999 link
Front: jpg
Back: jpg

2:40 – 14 – Amore nel circo – Play: mp3
2:01 – 15 – Il circo come favoia
3:40 – 16 – L'uomo proiettile – Play: mp3
First released on CD:
Le musiche di Ennio Morricone per il cinema di Silvano Agosti:
Il giardino delle delizie (tracks 1-5) / Quartiere (6-12) / L'uomo proiettile (13-16) – GDM 2041 – Italy – 2004 link
Front: jpg
Back: jpg
Track 16 (3:40) is practically the same as 13 (3:34).
3 tracks (4 minus track 13) – Total time: 8:21 (11:55 minus 3:34)
Tracks 14 and 16 in stereo. – Track 15 in poor stereo.

Director Silvano Agosti & Composer Ennio Morricone – See: link

Member Comments
‣08/03/2020 eda-88 Re: Notes on Soundtrack: L'UOMO PROIETTILE (1995)

Main/End titles credits

2020-03-08-22-23-56 2020-03-08-22-24-14 2020-03-08-22-25-18

‣09/03/2020 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Notes on Soundtrack: L'UOMO PROIETTILE (1995)
Thank you, Eldar. link

‣28/04/2020 eda-88 Reused tracks
Like i said previously in QUARTIERE a lot of pre-existing music except original tracks. Some of them i identified and wrote (Chi mai, Dreamer, Valzer all'ambasciata, Belinda May etc) and same in L'UOMO PROIETTILE - new tracks and pre-existing tracks (lot). Both movies are in same editing, same atmosphere, same music kind .
Some reused tracks in L'UOMO PROIETTILE are 'I piccoli' (from I Bambini ci chiedono perché), 'My Name is Nobody' theme, 'For a few dollars more' - La Resa Dei Conti and Carillon, 'Valzer All 'Ambasciata' (from L'Attentat), 1928 (from Barbablu) and many others i can't remember titles.

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about Le musiche di Ennio Morricone per il cinema di Silvano Agosti (GDM 2004) (Album) :
‣25/06/2008 Bob Hendrikx la bibbia
‣05/07/2008 WebMaster Re: la bibbia
about The Platinum Collection (EMI 2007) (Album) :
‣15/03/2010 eda-88 ARTWORK [uploaded year ago]

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