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Piazza di Spagna

(TV Series) Florestano Vancini, 1991

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Category: Romantic – Love Affair User Rating: 5.8/10 3 stars Vote
Originals PerformedReleased
1 2:53 Piazza di Spagna 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
2 2:58 A Lorella-Annabella 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
3 4:03 Con contenuta gioia 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
4 4:00 In una antica stampa 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
5 4:17 Canto per il mattino 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
6 2:19 Un doppio ritornello 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
7 1:54 Piazza di Spagna 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
8 3:15 L'utopia del ponte 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
9 3:26 Una cartolina 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
10 4:07 Armida e ginevra 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
11 3:08 Medio-alta borghesia 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
12 4:32 Per tutti 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
13 3:41 Piazza di Spagna 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
14 4:15 Canto per il mattino 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
15 4:01 Con contenuta gioia 1991 Piazza di Spagna (CD Point PRCD 107 - Italy - 1995) 1995
Reused Tracks PerformedReleased
16 3:18 Seconda borghesia 1974 Le Ruffian (Vinyl-LP General Music 803042 - France - 1983) 1983
Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;
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Member Detailed Credits
‣14/11/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: PIAZZA DI SPAGNA (1991)
500-minute TV mini-series. – 5 episodes of 100 minutes each.
Episode 1 was aired on Rai 5, Sunday 26 January 1992, 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. (Radiocorriere 1992 #4, page 56)
5th episode: Sunday 23 February 1992
Director: Florestano Vancini (1926-2008) link

Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone – Opening credits: jpg
Orchestra: Unione Musicisti di Roma – Recorded at Forum Studios (1980-1997), Rome. – Closing credits: jpg
Voice (tracks 10,11,14): Edda Dell'Orso (inlay of 1995 CD)
Flutes: Paolo Zampini (Maestro #7, page 56)

2:48 – 01 – Piazza di Spagna – Play: mp3
2:56 – 02 – A Lorella/Annabell a
3:59 – 03 – Con contenuta gioia
3:59 – 04 – In una antica stampa
4:14 – 05 – Canto per il mattino
2:17 – 07 – Un doppio ritornello
1:51 – 08 – Piazza di Spagna
3:14 – 09 – L'utopia del ponte
3:22 – 10 – Una cartolina
4:04 – 11 – Armida e Ginevra
3:04 – 12 – Medio-alta borghesia
4:30 – 13 – Per tutti
3:39 – 14 – Piazza di Spagna – Play: mp3
4:12 – 15 – Canto per il mattino
3:59 – 16 – Con contenuta gioia
Released on CD:
Piazza di Spagna – Point Records PRCD 107 – Italy – 1995 link
Pages 2 and 3 of inlay: jpg
3:18 – 06 – Seconda borghesia (aka "De copalamo") – Belongs to LA CUGINA (1974). – About the soundtrack: link
15 tracks (16 minus track 6) – Total time: 52:08 (55:26 minus 3:18) – All tracks in stereo.

Director Florestano Vancini & Composer Ennio Morricone:

1985 – LA PIOVRA 2 link
1991 – PIAZZA DI SPAGNA link
2004 – E RIDENDO L'UCCISE link

Member Comments
‣30/12/2007 eda-88 Some materials
I have this great TV-serial.
And,in the final titles-year as 1992.---------------------About track "De Copalamo/Seconda borghesia".
This track is also heard in TV-"Il Principe Del Deserto"-but very short,30 sec. I'm really have this TV-movies,is actually.

‣30/12/2007 eda-88 Again details
I have this great TV-Movie and Soundtrack,it is one of my favorites Albums of maestro.
And i've seen that TV more then 20 times.
I know all music Morricone and here,really has often Reused Tracks
Nebulosa Prima & Nebulosa Seconda (Especially both sounded in 4-5 series).And also Reused Tracks from Le Due Stagione Della Vita or Drammi Gotici.Tracks as "La Citta 1" (15 min)

‣31/12/2007 Micke Re: Some materials
Afaik, this TV series was originally shown in Italy at the end of 1991. It's mentioned in MSV 57 (Oct '91 issue) that, at the time, Morricone had already scored the series.

I think we can conclude therefore that this soundtrack belongs to 1991.

‣01/01/2008 eda-88 Re: Re: Some materials
Thanks Micke.
Yes,that's right,i think,like you wrote.

PS One thing,i forgot.
In 3-th serie of "Piazza Di Spagna",when was Banket (Holiday) in Casconi Casa(House) was sounded track "Un Amico" from "Revolver"/Invito allo sport.
This track sounded around 2 minutes.

‣01/01/2008 eda-88 Re: Again details
And again one detail.
Track "Money" from "Money" but track,which 3-44 from "Gold Edition",not from "Love Themes 2006"(here track Money too-but another,which was in titles of Money,final).
And so this track MONEY (3:44) really sounded in "Piazza Di Spagna" too,short too,in 4-th serie,when Ethan Wayne (Arnaldo Bandini plays) came to Banket/Evening with Peoples..
I has downloaded this album (Gold Edition Vol.2) today,and now i know name of tracks.
And write that to all you,big fans and Specialists.
And i remembering that in 5-th serie,when Erica Casconi(Desiree Becker) was in Restaurant and he dancing with David ,
in Big cafe-Restaurant they danced with music "LE VENT LE CRI" from "Le Professionel"(but anothet Le Vent LE Cri-alternate,which 5 minutes).

So,now i know and i'm collect all themes,Reused Tracks ,which sounded in PIAZZA DI SPAGNA (and not Only here).
Not Only 15 tracks,including to Soundtrack+15-Seconda Borghesia(De Copalamo from 74-La Cugina)
-Nebulosa Prima and Nebulosa Seconda from "Le Secret"(74)-often sounded in PDS
-La Citta (from "Le Due Stagione Della Vita"(72)-same theme was in "Drammi Gotici")-more then 3-4 times sounded in PIAZZA DI SPAGNA
-Un Amico (from REVOLVER(73))-Only One Time
-Le Vent Le Cri (from LE PROFESSIONEL (81) but not Movie Version in Titles-1:48.Version 5 minutes)-only one time in Movie.
-Money(3:44)(from MONEY)-just once.
And i think another themes from Another Films with Maestro Music sounded in Piazza Di Spagna,soon i'll know all that sounded in Piazza Di Spagna.
Many music i just don't know names of track but i'm sure another themes were used in that TV.
Maybe Florestano Vancini asked him to include these old themes to Serial ,who know...
Like Once "Veruschka" was used in "La Piovra 2" of Vancini (4-th serie-Beginning).

‣01/01/2008 Micke Re: Re: Again details
Re 'Un Amico' from Revolver; the so-called 'synth-version' is also used as opening music in the video version I have of the movie "Der Richter Und Sein Henker" (aka Deception/End Of the game/Judge and the Hangman et al).

To Didier:
"Der Richter..." premiered in Sept 1975 (in Spain) but I noticed you have it listed as a 1976 movie.

‣01/01/2008 WebMaster Re: Re: Re: Again details
Hi Micke,

Yes indeed IMDb (on which my dates are based) has changed it to 1975 so I'll change it as well.



‣03/01/2008 eda-88 Re: Re: Re: Re: Again details (Voice of "Armida e Ginevra")
For me always would be interesting,which Voice sounded in track "Armida e Ginevra".
I mean,what vocal in this theme,not Edda Dell'Orso?
This question to all EM specialists!



‣29/03/2008 eda-88 Re: Re: Again details
Or for "MONEY" music (only 2 themes) Morricone has written in 91 like Piazza Di Spagna,and some tracks he included to both movie in 1991 year..

PS In "Il Principe Del Deserto" often sounded tracks from "Le Marginal"-especially "H.S.M." and "De Copalamo"(La Cugina),and others,forgot names
PS 2 In "Money" were sounded tracks from "Le Marginal" too.
Ps 3 In "The Secret of The Sahara" sounded tracks from "1001 notte" di Pasolini and a couple tracks from "Rappressaglia"(Cosmatos).

I just have all these movies (without MONEY-that i've seen long long times ago,in 2000 year,but i remember very good movie and music from MONEY).

Happy New Year!


‣02/07/2008 eda-88 'D'Amore si muore' & 'Dreamer'
If i forgot to say it:
Main theme of "D'Amore si muore" & "Dreamer" also used in "Piazza Di Spagna"...

‣05/07/2009 eda-88 Re: Un Amico used in
Not under suitable post comments... but as Micke mentioned 1,5 years ago here, i add...

My friend zaratozom (from Italy) wrote:

I saw today on TV this beautiful police story dated 1975 directed by Maximilian Schell. I can assure you that the main title is "Un Amico (versione synt)" track n. 21 from "Revolver (extended)"...
If you want to fill the blanks on chimai.com...


‣19/03/2010 eda-88 Thoughts
I just want again to say what is the wonderful soundtrack this one, absolutely suitable music for this plot, for this TV, great TV series and very very beautiful, unforgettable score - especially when you watching the all series!

Yes, many reused tracks (De Copalamo, Nebulosa Prima, Money, La Citta, Dreamer, HSM, Un Amico and more...), but how many wonderful own themes!!!

Main title has the alternate tracks in the CD, all the versions - reused in TV too, in Main Titles of the series were mixed of 2 tracks:

Track 1 (Piazza Di Spagna) + Track 14 (Canto Per il Mattino)!

I just very sorry because of, some themes, MAAAAnyyy themes still unreleased.

I don't know why, on CD can be found 'Cone Contenuta gioia' and some others in 2 versions.

But there was also in TV, outstanding variations, of other themes.

ARMIDA E GINEVRA, about 3 more versions, one of them by HARMONICA, very beautiful, without vocal voice.

Also, L'UTOPIA DEL PONTE, long version, the same strings-like the PIAZZA DI SPAGNA 2 (Track 7).

UN DOPPIO RITORNELLO - several variations, different instruments.

and others too, i can't remember, there was FEAST of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC of the MAESTRO, still unissued!

I would like to make bootleg, cut all the UNRELEASED MATERIAL, but it's impossible, because i recorder this TV with VHS tapes, many years ago, and i have them only on Audio-Tapes...
I couldn't find in Internet this TV, only couple Video's on YouTube couple years ago, but never have seen the series to buy, to download, nowise, so, i don't know how to listen UNRELEASED MUSIC.
You missed much!
We missed many treasures music of this TV.
Besides, i have the Russian version, so, it would be bad - average for you...

Too pity!

Hope one day it's get EXPANDED release.

‣31/07/2010 eda-88 Existed

I found czech rip, great TV, so many wonderful unreleased tracks, also REUSED tracks from old the movies - i need to identify...

I'll download and make Movie-Rips, for Didier, for Week's Special's, awesome unreleased tracks, variations of "Armida e GInevra", "L'Utopia Del Ponte"...

‣02/08/2010 eda-88 Info from End Titles
edizioni musicale: General Music - Canale 5 Music
orchestra: Unioni Musicisti Di Roma
registrazioni: Forum Studio Roma
ingegnere del suono: Franco Patrignani
assistente: Fabio Venturi
coordinatore generale per la musica: Enrico De Melis

In Main Titles:

Musiche Composte Orchestrate E Dirette Da: Ennio Morricone

Main Titles / End Titles

‣02/08/2010 eda-88 End Titles : 1992

‣18/08/2010 Patrick B Re: End Titles : 1992
The right year of composition/recording for this soundtrack is not 1993 nor 1992, but 1991 :
* The CD credits mention 1991
* After have been return from Italy with news, Martin Van Wouw wrote in MSV 58 (October 1991) : "Morricone scored Piazza di Spagna".
So, the TV series was broadcast a little later, in the next quarter, which explains the mention "1992" in the TV credits.

‣13/11/2020 eda-88 Re: Info from End Titles
UPDATE links:

2020-11-13-12-53-53 2020-11-13-12-54-17

‣14/11/2020 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Info from End Titles
Thank you Eldar. link

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