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(Movie) Steven Hilliard Stern, 1991

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Category: Drama – Action User Rating: 6.3/10 3 stars Vote
Originals PerformedReleased
1 3:43 Money (seq. 1) 1991 La paura secondo Ennio Morricone (CD ScreenTrax CDST 305 - Italy - 1996) 1996
2 4:22 Money (seq. 6) 1991 Love Themes (CD EMI 3569322 - Italy - 2006) 2006
3 4:24 Money (seq. 2) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
4 2:45 Money (seq. 3) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
5 0:34 Money (seq. 4) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
6 3:10 Money (seq. 5) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
7 0:48 Money (seq. 7) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
8 2:41 Money (seq. 8) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
9 0:37 Money (seq. 9) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
10 4:29 Money (seq.10) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
11 3:42 Money (seq.11) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
12 1:08 Money (seq.12) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
13 4:27 Money (seq.13) 1991 Money (CD GDM Club 7060 - Italy - 2009) 2009
Reused Tracks PerformedReleased
14 2:12 Ricerca notturna 1971 Senza motivo apparente (Vinyl-7'' General Music ZGE50242 - Italy - 1971) 1971
15 2:53 Vortice lento 1970 La Califfa (Vinyl-LP CBS 144073 - 1971) 1971
16 5:31 Trahison politique 1972 L'Attentat (Vinyl-LP Festival FLD 592 - France - 1972) 1972
17 3:45 Notte oscura 1972 Le due stagioni della vita (Vinyl-LP General Music ZSLGE55079 - Italy - 1972) 1972
18 2:57 Assassinio sul lago 1973 Le Serpent (Vinyl-LP RCA Victor 440.758 - France - 1973) 1973
19 5:34 Ombre sospese 1974 Musiche per sonorizzazioni 4 - Suspense (Vinyl-LP General Music GMS 0004 - Italy - 1978) 1978
20 6:23 Le marginal 1983 Le Marginal (Vinyl-LP General Music 803 056 - France - 1983) 1983
21 4:05 Dreamer 1983 Le Marginal (Vinyl-LP General Music 803 056 - France - 1983) 1983
22 1:56 Hypertension - 2ème partie 1983 Le Marginal (Vinyl-LP General Music 803 056 - France - 1983) 1983
23 2:54 Copkiller 1983 Copkiller (Vinyl-LP General Music 803 074 - France - 1983) 1983
24 0:33 L'arresto 1987 Mosca addio (Vinyl-LP General Music CGD 20630 - Italy - 1987) 1987
25 2:14 Le squat des Antillais 1983 Professione poliziotto (CD GDM 2036 - Italy - 2002) 2002
Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;
16: Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger; Nicola Samale Conductor;
17 - 18: Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger; Bruno Nicolai Conductor;
21: Ennio Morricone Composer; Blizzard Arranger Vocals; G. Sims Lyrics;
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Member Detailed Credits
‣11/01/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: MONEY (1991)
In progress

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‣19/12/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on 2CD: FILM MUSIC 1966-1987 (1987)
Member Comments
‣02/01/2008 eda-88 About tracks
Bon jour Didier!

Merci pour information/thanks for the info about MONEY soundtrack,what tracks sounded & included in that movie.
Very interesting and i remembering,that Le Marginal sounded,long time looking for this Film,but can't to find still..

I like both Themes from MONEY
-Money (3:44) (used in "Piazza Di Spagna"-in one (only one)moment)
-Money (4:12) (which Released only in 2006).
2-nd theme very beautiful,i did't knew that theme same as like "Un uomo da rispattere",yeah,really same theme.
Very beutiful also "A Florinda"!

Thank you for the info!

PS.I long time like you,from 2000 made the full,right filmography of Morricone but on Russian.

‣02/01/2008 eda-88 Re: About tracks
Bonne année 2008!!!

‣26/06/2008 eda-88 About "Dentro La Macchina"
I finally found "MONEY"-old russian VHS!
And yes, "Copkiller" and "Trahison politique" very often sounds...
But you forgot to add that "Dentro La Macchina" (La Califfa) also reused there like i wrote in comments and also Franco Di Giacomo was director of photography!

Very short sounds but really i heard "Dentro la macchina" in "Money"...It's absolutely!

‣29/06/2008 eda-88 Final details
Hi Didier!

Like i said previously: 'La Citta' & 'Follia nella strada' reused in 'Money' & 'Piazza di Spagna' (only very short interval of tracks).

Also i have not heard original track 'Money'(3:43) in the movie!
Could you you provided me maybe episode when really sounds track 'Money'?
Because only another 'Money' used in movie (in end titles and in some episodes) & other tracks (as Reused tracks) i heard.
But 'Money'? When it be heard?

Actually i heard this track (Money (3:43)) in "Piazza Di Spagna"...
'Nebulosa prima' also used in 'Piazza di Spagna'!

‣31/08/2008 eda-88 Identifying of reused tracks
Here i have uploaded 6 tracks , thanks to John (lowephato or JB) who cut for me (source-my DVD) all the Unknown tracks.So in archive you can find 6 tracks.
-4 tracks i don't know titles...Unknown but i'm sure that those 4 tracks it's reused (tracks from the old movies).4 short interludies.
-2 tracks i have identified (La Citta (short interval) & Assassinnio sul lago).

I just want ask all the Morricone experts.
Please help us with identifying those 4 tracks , to all peoples & visitors this site & comments.

Let us know if someone could help, it would be great,

Thanks in advance,


P.S. If someone could leave comment on Cali's forum it also good!

‣01/09/2008 Dani Re: Identifying of reused tracks
1. L'arresto from Mosca addio
2. Original (love theme) written for Money
3. Nebulosa prima /o seconda from Le secret
4. Copkiller (tr.15 on the expanded CD)

‣02/09/2008 eda-88 Re: Re: Identifying of reused tracks
you're rock, you're 100 % right, yes, absolutely those tracks...Thanks!!

It is a pity certainly, that this theme - short cut of "Love Theme" piece not has been released...
It's nice theme.It reminds me theme from "In the line of fire" - "Lilly and Frank" but here "Sara & Frank"!

"L'Arresto" reminds me something from Frantic (Six Short Interludies & In the garage), from La Piovra (Agguato), title of "Big man" & oth. It reminds me somethig scary (moments from the movies).

add those tracks to the database...

We don't know just how marked unreleased "Love Theme" (or variation of Inedit version (2006 release))...
And we have found all the tracks reused in "Money" now.

3 originals & a lot of reused...

Hear also "Fat man & little boy" by JB, then maybe will find something reused there.

I've noticed that tracks from Le Secret, La Califfa, La Cugina, Le Marginal, Copkiller and from some others often reused in another movies...

It would be great also if Dani could identified a lot of reused tracks from "Piazza Di Spagna" tv-series...
But i have recorded it on VHS from TV...and i'm afraid i can't cut it from VHS...

For me always was interesting, who decided what tracks (Reused) need to be chosen for such film...

Maybe director or producer?...Or Ennio Morricone decided?...Do you know this info?

Dani, one thing,
I have also one request identifying from "La Piovra-2", i've send to "JB" the details & link for the serie, when he will cut this, i'll post here, maybe once again you can help us!!


‣02/09/2008 eda-88 Identifying of reused track from 'La Piovra 2'
Finally John did it, he cut the track from "La Piovra 2" (3-rd episode) when sounds as i think reused Morricone's track again.
Sorry with Russian dialogues (my russian version) but here is it!
Many thanks to "JB" for his help!

‣16/09/2008 eda-88 Full Bootleg (Check out comments: info/ my track-list etc.)

‣03/03/2009 eda-88 Re: First time on CD: MONEY

‣03/03/2009 eda-88 Re: First time on CD: MONEY
Very interesting, i was waiting this CD lont time...
I wrote many times about this score... most of the tracks just the reused tracks... Except a 3-4 themes which specially written for "Money", one of 2 it's was published on "Love Themes" (EMI 2006 CD)...

And the 2-nd "Money" actually never used in film... like i wrote.

When i analyzed this album/ music from this film... i found all the tracks & we have identitified them all.

Here the tracks-listing by order which tracks used in "Money" made by myself!

1 Dreamer - Blizzard [From Le Marginal]
2 L'Arresto [From Mosca Addio] 12 seconds
+ Trahison politique [from L'Attentat] [This is Main Titles]
3 Le squat des Antillais [from Le Marginal [Extended]
4 Le squat des Antillais [from Le Marginal [Extended]
5 Money #1 + Copkiller [from Copkiller]
6 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
7 Money #2
8 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
9 Money Love Theme [Inedit/Unreleased special written for "Money"]
10 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
11 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
12 Dentro la macchina [from La Califfa]
13 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
14 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
15 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
16 Nebulosa Prima [from Le Secret]
17 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
18 Money #3
19 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
20 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
21 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
22 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
23 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
24 Copkiller [Track 15 From Copkiller [Extended]
25 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
26 Le Marginal [from Le Marginal]
27 Money
28 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
29 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
30 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
31 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
32 La Citta [Le Due Stagione Della Vita]
+ Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
33 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
34 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
35 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
36 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
37 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
38 La Citta [from

‣03/03/2009 eda-88 Re: Re: First time on CD: MONEY
36 Ricerca [from Sans Mobile Apparent]
37 Copkiller [from Copkiller]
38 La Citta [from Le Due Stagione Della Vita]
39 Hypertension - 2ème partie [from Le Marginal]
40 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
41 Hypertension - 2ème partie [from Le Marginal]
42 Trahison politique [from L'Attentat]
43 Hypertension - 2ème partie [from Le Marginal]
44 Assassinnio Sul Lago [From II Serpente]
+ La Citta [Short Interval) [From Le Due Stagione Della Vita]
+ Nebulosa Prima / Seconda [From Il Segreto]
45 Money (End Titles)
Tracks 5, 7, 9, 18, 27, 45 only specially written for "Money"...
Others as you can see REUSED TRACKS!

IntermezzoMedia Notes:

GDM music presents for the first time on CD, complete and in full stereo, the OST by Ennio Morricone for film ""Money"" (aka 'Intrigo in 9 mosse') directed in 1991 by Steven Hilliard Stern and Eric Stoltz, Maryam d'Abo, Bruno Cremer, Mario Adorf, Anna Kanakis, F. Murray Abraham, Christopher Plummer, Bernard Fresson and Tomas Milian. Frank, a 21 year-old boy is trying to rescue his legacy, mysteriously disappeared. The young man shall travel around the world on the trail of those who have robbed him of million dollars, helped by a former firm of his father. At the end the young 'll get revenge . Of ""Money"" there are two versions: one for big screen and one for television. Most of the OST is repertoire music, but for this CD we have used only the original material composed for by Ennio Morricone. Issued using the master tapes in stereo, this CD's opens with the ""money theme"" (Tr.1), reprised in Tr.11, a rhythmic motif between romantic and noir and with urban flavour , with electronic effects background, performed by the flugelhorn Oscar Valdambrini and strings in pure morricone style. Ennio Morricone alternates romantic music (Tr.2, Tr.4, Tr.5, Tr.6, Tr.10, Tr.13) and with comedy taste (Tr.3,Tr.8) and action (Tr.7, Tr.9, Tr.12). De- luxe eight full colour pages booklet filled with rare memorabilia,posters and infos on the movie and the m

‣21/06/2009 eda-88 End titles/ credits
Free Image Hosting at <a href='http://www.ImageShack.us' target='_blank'>www.ImageShack.us</a>

‣07/07/2020 jacquesclouseau
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there is a confusion on your site between the French film La Thune and the French-English film Money. They both came out the same year : 1991 !!

‣10/07/2020 WebMaster Re: Mistake
I have removed the reference to La thune. However, Morricone is also credited on IMDb for that other movie, which is very likely incorrect. This had led me to believe that La thune was another title for Money (almost a literal translation), but there is no proof indeed.

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‣13/12/2017 WebMaster Re: This is not 'La Thune' by Philippe Galland
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‣27/03/2008 eda-88 Reused in "Piazza Di Spagna"
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‣02/07/2008 eda-88 Re: Reused in 'Piazza Di Spagna' & not used in 'Money'
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‣02/09/2008 eda-88 Not used in 'L'Attentat'
about Money (seq. 7) (Track) :
‣19/06/2009 eda-88 This seq. also used in Money...

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