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(Track) 1:45 Ennio Morricone

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Revision aka Leichen Pflastern Seinen Weg: Restless
Studio from Il Grande silenzio (1968) ,  released on Musiques originales de films (1982) (and 6 more)
Composer:Ennio Morricone (1968)
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Cross References
Other Performances
None Known
Same Variation
Studio Il grande silenzio (2) by Global Stage Orchestra (2011)
Same Theme
Studio Dopo il martirio by Bruno Nicolai (1968)
Studio Il grande silenzio by Bruno Nicolai (1968)
Studio Viaggio by Bruno Nicolai (1968)
Studio Voci nel deserto by Bruno Nicolai (1968)
Studio Il grande silenzio (1) by Thievery Corporation (2001)
Studio The Great Silence by Kim Humphreys (2002)
Reproduction Il grande silenzio by I Solisti e Orchestre del Cinema Italiano (2012)
Style: Melodic
Member Detailed Credits
‣24/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Tracks: RESTLESS and SILENT LOVE (1968)
The pieces "Restless" and "Silent Love", first released on the Vedette Records LP (1982), do not belong to the IL GRANDE SILENZIO soundtrack (1968). The themes are the same as the ones used in the film, but the arrangements are totally different, not belonging to a western.

We have no info on when the "Vedette" versions were recorded.
Did Morricone already have these tracks on shelf in 1968 when he decided to use the themes for IL GRANDE SILENZIO?

1:43 – Restless
2:57 – Silent Love

Both pieces first released on LP:
E. Morricone, Musiques originales de films – Vedette Records 4004 – Belgium – 1982 (tracks A2, B6) link
A-side label: "Restless – Compositions, Direction d'orchestre: E. Morricone" jpg
B-side label: "Silent Love – Stereo – 1982" jpg

Released on CD:
Ennio Morricone – PMF Records 90-696-2 – Netherlands – 1992 (tracks 2, 12) link
Back card: "Restles [sic] – Silent of Love [sic] – Il grande silenzio" jpg

2:27 – "Il grande silenzio, Restless" (first released on 1968 soundtrack LP) – Play: mp3
1:43 – "Restless" (first released on 1982 "Vedette" LP) – Play: mp3

3:59 – "Invito all'amore, Silent Love" (first released on 1968 soundtrack LP) – Play: mp3
2:57 – "Silent Love" (first released on 1982 "Vedette" LP) – Play: mp3

About the IL GRANDE SILENZIO soundtrack (1968): link

Another example of a theme Morricone already had in stock is "Deborah's Theme", originally written for ENDLESS LOVE (1981), but first used in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (1983). link

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about Il Grande silenzio (Soundtrack) :
‣21/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: IL GRANDE SILENZIO (1968) (Part 1)
‣21/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: IL GRANDE SILENZIO (1968) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣22/03/2008 eda-88 Thanks for the info
Wow i didn't that those 2 tracks "Restless" & "Silent love" originals from that French album!
I found those tracks 2-3 years ago from mp-3...just CD of Morricone with "Red Sonja" or "Dimenticare Palermo"-alternate (I have wrote to Didier-about those tracks and have give the links to both) and other's tracks...
And now i know it,thanks for the info about 2 tracks..!

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