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Il sole e la luna

(Track) 17:13 Ferdinando Russo, Carlo Postiglione, M Galdieri, Giovanni Capurro, Libero Bovio, E.A. Mario, Viviani, Cassese, Eduardo Di Capua, Salvatore Gambardella, Campolongo, Fassone, 1961

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Studio from Tiempe d'ammore (1961) ,  released on Tiempe d'ammore: Il sole e la luna (1961) (and 2 more)
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Studio 'Na voce, 'na chitarra e'o poco 'e luna by Dino Giacca (1960)
Studio Nuttata è sentimento by Dino Giacca (1960)
Studio I'te vurria vasa'!... by Miranda Martino (1963)
Studio 'O sole mio by Miranda Martino (1963)
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Member Detailed Credits
‣09/04/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Fausto Cigliano: TIEMPE D'AMMORE: IL SOLE E LA LUNA (1961) (Part 1)
"Il sole e la luna" is the third of six suites with Neapolitan songs, released together under the title "Tiempe d'ammore".
About all six "Tiempe d'ammore" suites: link

"Anthology of poems and Neapolitan songs produced by Achille Millo" (1922-2006)
"Music compiled and directed by Ennio Morricone" (1928-2020)
Vocals: Fausto Cigliano (1937-)

17:01 – Il sole e la luna [Italian for 'the sun and the moon']

First released on vinyl EP:
Il sole e la luna (1) / Il sole e la luna (2) – Fonit-Cetra Fonit LP 11005 – Italy – 1961 link
Front sleeve: jpg
"Numero di catalogo LP 11005 – Anno 1961" link

Released on LP:
Tiempe d'ammore, Vol. 2 – Fonit-Cetra Fonit LPQ 09044 – Italy – 1967 (track A1) link / link
Tracklist (with authors) of all 6 suites on back cover: jpg
"Numero di catalogo: LPQ 09044 – Anno 1967" link

Released on 2LP:
Tiempe d'ammore – Fonit-Cetra Cetra DPU 77 – Italy – 1977 (LP 2, track A1) link / link
"Numero di catalogo: DPU 77 – Anno 1977" link

A shortened version of the "Il sole e la luna" suite was released on CD:
La Canzone Napoletana, Tiempe d'ammore – Nuova Fonit-Cetra 94CN37-2 – Italy – 1994 (track 1)
Tracklist (with authors and durations) of the 6 suites (all shortened) on back card: jpg
Play the " Il sole e la luna" suite as released on this CD (9:57): mp3

‣09/04/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Fausto Cigliano: TIEMPE D'AMMORE: IL SOLE E LA LUNA (1961) (Part 2)
The third "Tiempe d'ammore" suite, titled "Il sole e la luna":

L'oro e 'o sole – Lyrics: Rocco Galdieri (1877-1923) link
'O sole mio – Music: Edoardo Di Capua (1865-1917) – Lyrics: Giovanni Capurro (1859-1920) link
'O raggio 'e sole – Lyrics: Raffaele Viviani (1888-1950) link
Dint' 'o vascio 'e furturella – Lyrics: Giovanni Capurro (1859-1920)
Furturella – Music: Salvatore Gambardella (1873-1913) – Lyrics: Pasquale Cinquegrana link
'O sole – Lyrics: Ferdinando Russo (1866-1927)
I' te vurria vasà! – Music: Edoardo Di Capua (1865-1917) – Lyrics: Vincenzo Russo (1876-1904) link
'O sole – Lyrics: Libero Bovio (1883-1942)
Quanno tramonta 'o sole – Music: Salvatore Gambardella (1871-1913) – Lyrics: Ferdinando Russo link
E stà (nun voglio fa niente) – Lyrics: Libero Bovio (1883-1942)
Nuttata 'e sentimento – Music: Giuseppe Capolongo – Lyrics: Alessandro Cassese link / link
Si tu te ricuorde – Lyrics: Luca Postiglione (1876-1936)
Io, 'na chitarra e 'a luna – Music, Lyrics: E.A. Mario (1884-1961) link
Serenata 'e luna – Lyrics: Luca Postiglione (1876-1936)
'Ncopp'a ll'onna – Music: Vittorio Fassone (1872-1953) – Lyrics: Libero Bovio (1883-1942) link

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about Tiempe d'ammore (Soundtrack) :
‣09/04/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on 6-EP: FAUSTO CIGLIANO, TIEMPE D'AMMORE (1961)
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about Tiempe d'ammore, vol. 2 (Fonit 1963) (Album) :
‣03/11/2005 WebMaster Track listing probably incorrect
about Tiempe d'ammore: Il sole e la luna (Fonit 1961) (Album) :
‣17/09/2018 richard On Youtube

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