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Dirgli solo no

[3] (Track) 3:20 Pantagruele, Ennio Morricone, 1967

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Studio from Ad ogni costo (1967) ,  released on Dirgli solo no - Vai via malinconia (1967)
Composer:Ennio Morricone
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Lyrics: Pantagruele
Conductor:Guido Relly
Vocals:Maysa Matarazzo
No. Solo no.
Dirgli solo no.
Fare finta d'annoiarmi un poco
e non guardarlo mai.
E poi...

No. Dirgli no.
Ogni volta no.

Dargli la precisa sensazione 
che c'è il vuoto intorno a lui,
Lui dice che
dice che lo sa,
dice che ha sbagliato 
e che non può tornare indietro.
Dice addio.

E' vita davvero?
No. Il coraggio di andarmene
cosa resterà
di questi sogni mei
che lui non sa?

Ciao. Solo ciao.
Dirgli solo ciao.
Fare finta di aver freddo
e non guardarlo
più. Mai più.
Lyrics submitted by ut-re-mi
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Studio Dirgli solo no (1) by Bruno Nicolai (1967)
Studio Dirgli solo no (2) by Bruno Nicolai (1967)
Studio Dirgli solo no (5) by Bruno Nicolai (1967)
Studio He and I (1967)
Style: Melodic
Member Detailed Credits
‣22/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Maysa Matarazzo: DIRGLI SOLO NO (1967)
3:23 – Dirgli solo no [just tell him no]
Listed ("No" di Bardotti/Morricone) in the opening credits of AD OGNI COSTO (1967): jpg – About the soundtrack: link

Authors: Pantagruele/Morricone
Composer: Ennio Morricone (1928-2020)
Lyricist: Pantagruele (real name: Sergio Bardotti) (1939-2007) link
Orchestrator, Conductor: Guido Relly (birth name: Guido Cenciarelli) (pseudonym: Guycen)
Choir: I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
Voice: Not credited
Vocals: Maysa Matarazzo (real name: Maysa Figueira Monjardim) (1936-1977) link

Only released on vinyl single:
Dirgli solo no / Vai via malinconia – GTA PO 40061 – Italy – 1967 link
A-side label: "Pantagruele/Morricone – Guido Relly e la sua orchestra – con I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni" jpg
"Numero di catalogo PO 40061 – Anno 1967" link
About the B-side song (Vai via malinconia): link

Play: mp3

An English-sung version of the song (He and I), announced in the opening credits of the English print of the film, has lyrics by Audrey Nohra (aka Audrey Nohra Stainton, aka Audrey Stainton Nohra) (-2011). jpg

Related Member Detailed Credits
about Ad ogni costo (Soundtrack) :
‣16/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: AD OGNI COSTO (1967) (Part 1)
‣16/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: AD OGNI COSTO (1967) (Part 2)
‣16/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: AD OGNI COSTO (1967) (Part 3)
Member Comments
‣19/09/2013 ut-re-mi "He and I": possible English version of "Dirgli solo no"?
Some consideration on the lyrics of this song.
Here they're translated from Italian:
No. Just no.
Just tell him no.
Pretend for a little bored
and do not ever look at him.
And then...

No. Tell him no.
Whenever no.

Giving him the distinct feeling
that there is emptiness around him,
He says that
says he knows,
says that he was wrong
and he can't go back.
Says goodbye.

Is this really life?
No. The courage to go away:
what will remain
of these dreams of mine
that he does not know?

Goodbye. Only goodbye.
Only say goodbye.
Pretend to be cold
and don't look him
again. Never again.
The words are typical for a crisis in a marriage,
therefore the text of "He and I" (to me unknown)
might remark the same topic.

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