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Nata libera

(Track) 3:48 Sergio Bardotti, Baldazzi, Piero Piccioni, 1972

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Studio from I Nicotera (1972) ,  released on Mireille Mathieu - Quando verrano i giorni (1972) (and 3 more)
Composer:Piero Piccioni
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Lyrics:Sergio Bardotti
Lyrics: Baldazzi
Conductor:Ennio Morricone
Vocals:Mireille Mathieu
Non torniamo a casa, no, portami con te:
tutto il mondo è casa mia, andiamo via, vuoi?

Sono nata libera e libera sarò: libera di piangere di ridere con te.

Non portarmi a casa, no, tienimi con te:
se è peccato vivere, io peccherò con te!

Sono nata libera e ho scelto già, perché
nel tuo mondo è casa mia, andiamo via, vuoi?

Sono nata libera e ho scelto già, perché
nel tuo mondo è casa mia, andiamo via, andiamo via, vuoi?


[Translation in English]

Do not go home, no, take me with you:
the whole world is my home, let's go away, do you?

I was born free and I'll be free: free to cry to laugh with you.

Do not take me home, no, keep me with you:
if it is a sin to live, I will sin with you!

I was born free, and I have chosen, because
in your world there is my home, let's go away, do you?

I was born free, and I have chosen, because
in your world there is my home, go away, go away, do you?
Lyrics submitted by ut-re-mi
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Style: Melodic
Member Detailed Credits
‣14/12/2017 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Mireille Mathieu: NATA LIBERA (1972)
From the TV series I NICOTERA (1972).
Length of the series: 300 minutes – First aired: 21 May 1972 – Scored by Piero Piccioni. link / link / link

Morricone was asked to adapt two themes from Piccioni's instrumental score into commercial songs. The two songs ("Quando verranno i giorni" and "Nata libera") were released as a single to coincide with the launch of the TV series.

3:54 – Nata libera

Authors: Bardotti/Baldazzi/Piccioni
Composer: Piero Piccioni (full name: Gian Piero Piccioni) (1921-2004)
Lyricist: Sergio Bardotti (1939-2007) link
Lyricist: Gianfranco Baldazzi (1943-2013) link
Orchestrator, Conductor: Ennio Morricone (1928-)
Vocals: Mireille Mathieu (1946-)

First released on vinyl single:
Quando verranno i giorni / Nata libera – General Music GMS 0013 – Italy – March 1972 link
Front (Quando verranno i giorni): jpg
Back (Nata libera): jpg
B-side label: 3/72 – Bardotti/Baldazzi/Piccioni – Arr. e dir. d'orchestra di Ennio Morricone" jpg
About the A-side song (Quando verranno i giorni): link

Released on CD:
Canto Morricone Vol. 3 – Bear Family BCD 16246 AH – Germany – 1999 (track 3) link
Back card: jpg

Released on CD:
Mireille Mathieu, Ennio Morricone – Sony Music 88875175512 – 2016 (track 13) link
Front: jpg
Tracklist: link

Play the song: mp3

Member Comments
‣17/11/2013 eda-88 Original version
Just let you know that instrumental version of this theme released on CD in 2003 by Avanz (Japanese label): 'Splendido Il Piccioni No. 3'!

‣18/11/2013 WebMaster Re: Original version
Interesting. Is it really the Morricone version? Which instrument replaces the voice (if any)?


‣19/11/2013 eda-88 Re: Re: Original version
No, i don't think so. Piccioni is original composer and he scored and only involved....

Morricone arranged (another instrument) NATA LIBERA, perhaps because of Mathieu and friendship with Piero (GENERAL MUSIC collaboration)...

Organ and others http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FHgSm6igXw

‣20/11/2013 eda-88 Re: Re: Re: Original version
It's so called lounge music - version, however full OST never released....

Only this track on some compilations (Japanese and Italian)... plus Nata Libera song.
I didn't see this film so i have no idea what music actually used in the movie.

Anyway on a booklet no mention about Morricone involving in the official score conducting except NATA LIBERA and another song.

‣16/04/2014 eda-88 from Claudio Fuiano (about Piccioni original score for TV series)
"questa OST e' nella mia mente! Tracce originali + repertorio + singolo con arr /Dir. EM"

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