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Vivere ancora

[2] (Track) 2:48 Gino Paoli, 1964

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Studio from Prima della rivoluzione (1964) ,  released on Vivere ancora (1964) (and 7 more)
Composer:Gino Paoli
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Lyrics:Gino Paoli
Conductor:Ennio Morricone
Vocals:Gino Paoli
Vivere ancora soltanto per un'ora
e per un'ora averti fra le braccia
e far sparire per sempre dal tuo viso
ogni incertezza che ti tormenta ancora.

Vivere ancora soltanto per un'ora
e per un'ora vedere sul tuo viso
tutto l'amore che ti ho saputo dare
e la mia vita che ora è solo tua.

E poi restare vicini ad occhi aperti
ad aspettare che dalla finestra
giunga la luce di un giorno che ci veda
stretti abbracciati con gli occhi dentro agli occhi.

Poter vedere in una stanza buia
con gli occhi chiusi quello che vogliamo
poter sentire vicino alla mia mano
i tuoi capelli sparsi sul cuscino.

Sentire che per sempre il mio destino
è diventato tuo
è diventato tuo
è diventato tuo.

>>>>Translation to English <<<<<

Living again just for one hour
and for one hour having you in my arms
and dissolving forever from your face
any uncertainty that torments you again.

Living again just for one hour
and for one hour seeing on your face
all the love I knew giving you
and my life that's now yours only.

And then staying close with open eyes
waiting from the window
appearing the light of a day that may see us
tight embraced with eyes into eyes.

Being able to see in a dark room
with closed eyes what we want
being able to feel beside my hand
your hair spread on the pillow.

Feeling that forever my destiny
has become yours
has become yours
has become yours.
Lyrics submitted by ut-re-mi
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Studio Vivere ancora (1) (1964)
Style: No style specified
Member Detailed Credits
‣03/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Gino Paoli: VIVERE ANCORA (1964)
See: http://bit.ly/2d9I5Go

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about Gino Paoli - Basta chiudere gli occhi (RCA 1964) (Album) :
‣17/04/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on LP: Gino Paoli: BASTA CHIUDERE GLI OCCHI (1964)
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‣05/03/2021 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: PRIMA DELLA RIVOLUZIONE (1964)
Member Comments
‣24/04/2013 Bob Hendrikx "Vivere ancora (1)" and "Vivere ancora (2)" are identical

"Vivere ancora" (PM45-3274) and "Vivere ancora" (PM45-3284) are one and the same.
Both tracks have the same matrix number (PKAW 22294).
See: http://bit.ly/121fF65 / http://bit.ly/RowwIM


‣01/05/2013 WebMaster Re: 'Vivere ancora (1)' and 'Vivere ancora (2)' are identical

There is a piano+voice version of 2:48, probably a revision. The film version you refer to, with a much more morriconian sound, is a bit longer, around 3:00. It could be that only the latter has a Morricone link, and should be on all the referenced albums, but I'm not 100% sure.


‣02/05/2013 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: 'Vivere ancora (1)' and 'Vivere ancora (2)' are identical

I'm referring to the FILM version, which runs for 2:50.
Film version and 45rpm version are the same. Compare: http://bit.ly/eml3Ef / http://bit.ly/9jrTAz

"Vivere ancora" (PM45-3274) and "Vivere ancora" (PM45-3284) are the same.
They both have the same matrix number. See: http://bit.ly/121fF65 (PKAW 22294) / http://bit.ly/RowwIM (PKAW 22294)
They're both referred to as the FILM version. See: http://bit.ly/161DQ5n (3274) / http://bit.ly/Yg42V9 (3284)

But in the database they are listed as two different tracks: Vivere ancora (1) and Vivere ancora (2).


‣25/02/2020 ut-re-mi Reused in "L'amica geniale"
"L'amica geniale" - Part 2 , on February 24, 2020.
In this movie two scenes are effectively underlined by the whole song by Gino Paoli. Very touching moments, to express the passion between Lila and her lover on the sandy beaches of Ischia Island, in front of Naples.

The scenic idea was really firstly applied by Bertolucci:

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‣02/10/2006 WebMaster Also credited to Morricone
about Le canzoni di Gino Paoli (RCA 1975) (Album) :
‣09/04/2009 Gorsoft Vivere ancora
about Prima della rivoluzione (Soundtrack) :
‣21/06/2008 WebMaster Re: Prima della rivoluzione

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