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Un ami

(Track) 2:34 Alberto Bevilacqua, Desage, Ennio Morricone, 1973

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aka Un amico, Un amico (Vocal)
Studio from Revolver (1973) ,  released on Revolver (1973) (and 14 more)
Composer:Ennio Morricone
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Lyrics:Alberto Bevilacqua
Lyrics: Desage
Conductor:Bruno Nicolai
Vocals:Daniel Beretta
Si le ciel entend ma prière
Mes amis ce soir je chante
Pour tous ceux qui n'ont rien, rien sur la terre
Pas d'amis pour les attendre
Les comprendre chaque jour
Leur donner un peu d'amour

Le bien et le mal se ressemblent
Et les hommes s'y laissent prendre
Je ne sais plus que faire et il me semble
Que l'enfer est sur la terre
Les amis qui m'entourent
Des amis d'un jour

Le bien et le mal se ressemblent
Et le ciel s'y laisse prendre
Un ami reste toujours un ami
Quand la vie n'a plus d'amour
Depuis toujours ma prière c'est d'avoir sur terre
Au dernier soir de ma vie, la main d'un ami
Pour dire adieu à la vie, les yeux d'un ami
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Studio Un ami (1) (1973)
Studio Un amico (1973)
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Studio Invito allo sport: Per stare insieme (1973)
Studio Inglourious Basterds: Un amico (1973)
Reproduction Un amico by I Solisti e Orchestre del Cinema Italiano (2009)
Reproduction Un amico by The City of Prague Philharmonic (2016)
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Member Detailed Credits
‣05/06/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Daniel Beretta: UN AMICO (1973)
2:35 – "Un ami" aka "Un amico" [a friend] – On all releases the song is titled in Italian, yet sung in French.
From the film REVOLVER (1973) – Opening Credits: jpg – About the soundtrack: link

Authors: Bevilacqua/Desage/Morricone
Composer, Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone (1928-)
Lyricist of the French version: Catherine Desage (real name: Jeanne Antoinette Parel) (1950-)
Lyricist of the Italian version: Alberto Bevilacqua (1934-2013) – No sign of an Italian-sung release of the song. – SIAE database: link
Conductor: Bruno Nicolai (1926-1991)
Vocals: Daniel Beretta (1946-)

First released on LP:
Revolver – General Music ZSLGE 55496 – Italy – October 1973 (track A1) link
A-side label: "10/73 – Un amico – Canta Daniel Beretta" jpg

Released on vinyl single:
Revolver: Un amico [instrumental] / Un amico [vocal] – Seven Seas FMS-48 – Japan – 1977 link
Front: jpg
Back: "A: Instrumental – B: Vocal" jpg
B-side label: "1977 – Licensed by CAM – Revolver: Un amico – Sung by Daniel Beretta" jpg
The A-side track (Un amico [instrumental]) is track 21 on the 2006 CD.

Released on CD:
Canto Morricone, Vol. 3 – Bear Family BCD 16246 AH – Germany – 1999 (track 16) link
Back: "Un amico" jpg

Released om CD:
Revolver – GDM CD Club 7035 – Italy – 2006 (track 1) link
Front: jpg
Back: "Un amico di Bevilacqua/Desage/Morricone" jpg

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Related Member Detailed Credits
about Revolver (Soundtrack) :
‣16/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: REVOLVER (1973) (Part 1)
‣16/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: REVOLVER (1973) (Part 2)
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