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La pace interiore

[2] (Track) 1:26 Ennio Morricone, 1970

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aka La pace interiore #2, La pace interiore (# 2), La pace interiore (#2)
Studio from La Califfa (1970) ,  released on La Califfa (1971) (and 13 more)
Composer:Ennio Morricone
Arranger:Ennio Morricone
Conductor:Ennio Morricone
Cross References
Other Performances
None Known
Same Variation
None Known
Same Theme
Studio La pace interiore (1) (1970)
Style: Melodic
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about La Califfa (Soundtrack) :
‣18/05/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LA CALIFFA (1970) (Part 1)
‣18/05/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LA CALIFFA (1970) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣26/04/2008 eda-88 Reused or before used in "India"Pasolini
Didier, i think you know it...
But i have Video-Cassette "La Musica Negli Occhi" and i often reconsider record where there is a fragment devoted to documentary film "India" and this track is background music in this fragment, and also besides all also "Prima e Dopo L'Amore" sounds together with this track in this fragment.But i can't understand these 2 tracks have been written for "La Califfa" to 70-th or for "India" in 68-th??

I also read Patrick Bouster's "PASOLINI - MORRICONE" he said (or you):
"Documentaire rare, dont on n'a vu que des extraits dans la cassette vidéo La musica negli occhi (3). Cela ressemble à un projet de travail personnel, non destiné à être diffusé. Les extraits disponibles contiennent des musiques de La califfa (1970)."

And so these tracks however have been written for "La Califfa"?

By the way "La Musica Negli Occhi" I have bought this cassette in 2004 year... Even was surprised a little when has found it, in fact as it seems cassette very rare thing to me is...

‣29/04/2008 Patrick B Re: Reused or before used in 'India'Pasolini
The documentary Appunti per un film sull'India discovered by the webmaster features only one inedited track used in the main credits and elsewhere, but never published in any disc.
The pictures from this film included in the video "La musica negli occhi" is only an edition with other music composed later by Morricone in order to illustrate it maybe better for the audience, like La califfa.
At the time of this article, no information about this film was available, which explains some approximative assertions. An update is planned to correct and enrich the article after watching and checking the rare documentary.
And at last, an English version of the article is proposed.

‣29/04/2008 eda-88 Re2:Reused or before used in 'India'Pasolini

Well Patrick, i thank you for your interesting precise & reading response!

Well...hope this rare documentary as Original would be find at soon...!!...

Really appreciated for your interesting specification!

P.S. I have some Russian Interview with maestro, including old, when he came to Moscow (2005) and new...recently, if somebody of you really interested to read and have it (One also from 2003 by November about his 75 year)...from papers, journals, Russian Internet pages...just let me know, i'll add as photo or can send to Webmaster's e-mail as Week Special..

‣26/05/2010 eda-88 Cover of 'La Musica Negli Occhi'

‣18/09/2018 ut-re-mi Pasolini's documentary: the video
This documentary has been broadcast inside the lucky Italian journalistic series "TV 7"
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxcKlGXPt9c

‣31/08/2020 Sangwa Video: Appunti per un film sull'India di Pier Paolo Pasolini

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about La Monaca di Monza - La Califfa (Quartet Records 2014) (Album) :
‣10/06/2017 foxx119 Tracklisting of LA CALIFFA wrong
‣12/06/2017 WebMaster Re: Tracklisting of LA CALIFFA wrong

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