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The Ballad of Sacco e Vanzetti

(Track) 5:23 Joan Baez, Ennio Morricone

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Cover Version
Studio from Sacco e Vanzetti (1971) ,  released on Nicky North, John Blackinsell - La musica di Ennio Morricone (1998) (and 3 more)
Composer:Ennio Morricone (1971)
Lyrics:Joan Baez (1971)
Conductor:Mario Battaini
Orchestra: Italian Orchestra
Father, yes I am a prisoner
Fear not to relay my crime
The crime is loving the forsaken
only silence is shame

And now I'll tell you what's against us
An art that lived for centuries
Go through the years and you will find
What's blackened all of history
Against us is the law
With its immensity of strengh and power
Against us is the law
Police know how to make a man
A guilty or an innocent
Against us is the power of police
The shameless lies that men have told
Will ever more be paid in gold
Against us is the power of the gold
Against us is the racial hatred
And the simple fact that we're poor

My father dear, I am a prisoner
Don't be ashamed to tell my crime
The crime of love and brotherhood
And only silence is shame

With me I have my love, my innocence,
The workers and the poor
For all of this I'm safe and strong
And hope is mine
Rebellion, revolution don't need dollars
They need this instead
Imagination, suffering, light and love
And care for every human being
You never steal, you never kill
You are a part of hope and life
The revolution goes from man to man
And heart to heart
And I sense when I look at the stars
That we are children of life
Death is small
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