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La smagliatura

CD Hexacord HCD-02 - Italy - 2000

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Disc 1
1/1. 3:59 La Faille (1975) L'errore
1/2. 1:49 La Faille (1975) Terrore al ristorante
1/3. 1:53 La Faille (1975) Paurosamente sinistra
1/4. 5:16 La Faille (1975) Ipocrisia
1/5. 1:17 La Faille (1975) Vacanze terrificanti
1/6. 4:06 La Faille (1975) Notizie allarmanti
1/7. 2:40 La Faille (1975) Sbaglio e ambiguità
1/8. 3:02 La Faille (1975) Radio e TV
1/9. 1:43 La Faille (1975) Viaggio nella paura
1/10. 3:19 La Faille (1975) Bellezza pericolosa
1/11. 3:49 La Faille (1975) Ambigua e perversa
1/12. 2:17 La Faille (1975) Falsa e crudele amicizia
1/13. 1:46 La Faille (1975) Pioggia sui tetti
Total Time:  36:56

Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;

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Member Detailed Credits
‣11/03/2017 Bob Hendrikx Notes on LA FAILLE [1975]
See: http://bit.ly/2lNZGbe

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‣12/06/2018 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LA FAILLE (1975) (Part 1)
‣12/06/2018 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: LA FAILLE (1975) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣02/02/2006 Mitch CD Reference error
The CD's label reference is HCD-02 but misquoted as HCD-01 on the CD sleeve spine (and on this site).

‣29/11/2010 eda-88 Re: Notes on LA FAILLE [1975]

Is a voice by Edda Dell'Orso in 'Ipocrisia' track #4?

Also, as i already wrote, this theme has several unreleased variations, i once send my movie rips to Didier, Patrick, etc..

Movie credits doesn't give any concrete info about music too.
In main titles mentioned music by Ennio Morricone (arranged & conducted not mentioned).

End titles gives only this:

‣29/11/2010 eda-88 Re: Re: Re: Notes on LA FAILLE [1975]
I have some unofficial compilation 'Edda Dell'Orso' which been compiled by someone (handmade) - which included this track (and many others not only by Morricone). But maybe it was Gianna or someone...

For the others tracks, i didn't exactly take into account but for IPOCRISIA, i know a lot of variations (unreleased) and if one day would be EXPANDED release, i will be wait only for IPOCRISIA variations, not for the others though i like them too but i didn't hear in the movie unreleased variations of others tracks.

Maybe there is more UNRELEASED (not used in the movie) (like MONEY).. But that would be great for IPOCRISIA unreleased versions.

Thanks in advance to any labels...and thanks to you for the additional notes (from CD, etc).

‣29/11/2010 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Notes on LA FAILLE [1975]
Eldar, I've adjusted "Notes on LA SMAGLIATURA/LA FAILLE".
This is all of the relevant info I've been able to assemble.

The female voice in track 4 is not identified on the album. Edda? Gianna?

About the missing tracks, info on CD:
"Tracks selected under Ennio Morricone supervision"
Stands for: "We only hear what EM wants us to hear" or "tracks are missing"

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‣26/11/2009 eda-88 Unreleased variations of 'Ipocrisia'
‣11/05/2013 eda-88 Re: Unreleased variations of 'Ipocrisia'
about I... comme Icare (Soundtrack) :
‣20/11/2018 WebMaster Re: Notes on Soundtrack: I... COMME ICARE (1979)
‣21/11/2018 Bob Hendrikx Re: Re: Notes on Soundtrack: I... COMME ICARE (1979)

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