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Issue #15 - April 2018

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CD Music Box MBR-111 - France - 2017

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Disc or Side 1
1/1. 1:36 Orca (1977) Opening and Encounter
1/2. 3:08 Orca (1977) Orca (Main Title)
1/3. 0:36 Orca (1977) Intermezzo
1/4. 2:58 Orca (1977) Attack and Mistake
1/5. 2:14 Orca (1977) Dialogue of Memories
1/6. 3:20 Orca (1977) A Ball at Home
1/7. 2:15 Orca (1977) Early Ices
1/8. 1:26 Orca (1977) Nocturne for a Remorse
1/9. 1:23 Orca (1977) Arrival at the Pole
2:13 Orca (1977) Arrival at the Pole
1:03 Orca (1977) Arrival at the Pole
1/10. 5:22 Orca (1977) The Fight, the Victory, the Death
1/11. 4:00 Orca (1977) Orca Finale (End Titles)
1/12. 2:37 Orca (1977) My Love, We Are One
Total Time:  34:11

Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;
1/12: Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor; Carol Connors Lyrics Vocals;

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about Orca (Soundtrack) :
‣22/05/2018 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: ORCA (1977) (Part 1)
‣22/05/2018 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: ORCA (1977) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣16/03/2017 johnrimmer.cd Orca
Very impressed with the sound quality of this release and very fortunate to grab a copy before it disappeared.
Can anyone here shed some light as to why the cd was withdrawn from sale?

‣16/03/2017 johnrimmer.cd Orca
A much better sounding release than the original Legend cd. They even included the song, which I happen to like. I was very fortunate to be able to purchase a copy before it either sold out or was withdrawn for some reason. A splendid release, it's just a shame that a lot of fans missed their opportunity to own this album.

‣18/03/2017 steve1961 Ocra
Just 500 pressing made

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‣23/08/2011 ut-re-mi Correct Italian title
‣27/08/2011 WebMaster Re: Correct Italian title
about Orca (Soundtrack) :
‣22/10/2011 eda-88 Original MAIN TITLES [Unreleased]
‣05/03/2016 eda-88 Re: Original MAIN TITLES [Unreleased]

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