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72 metra

CD Channel One 1 Video-145-CD - Russia - 2004

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Other editions:
Disc 1
1/1. 2:38 72 metra (2004) The Grief of Parting
2:05 72 metra (2004) The Grief of Parting
4:41 72 metra (2004) The Grief of Parting
2:57 72 metra (2004) The Grief of Parting
1/2. 4:38 72 metra (2004) The Diving in the Sea
5:00 72 metra (2004) The Diving in the Sea
4:03 72 metra (2004) The Diving in the Sea
4:38 72 metra (2004) The Diving in the Sea
1/3. 2:37 72 metra (2004) The Final
5:52 72 metra (2004) The Sun Again Edited
1/4. 1:54 72 metra (2004) The Conclusion
Total Time:  41:03

Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;

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Member Detailed Credits
‣30/06/2011 Bob Hendrikx Notes on 72 METRA [2003]
Director: Vladimir Khotinenko [1952-] www.imdb.com/name/nm0451867/
Release Date: 2004 www.imdb.com/title/tt0401089/

Music recorded at Forum Music Village in Rome. (CD)
Date of Recording: 28-30 April 2003 (CD)

Composer: Ennio Morricone (CD)
Orchestrator: Ennio Morricone
Conductor: Ennio Morricone
Piano: Gilda Buttà
Keyboards: Ludovico Fulci
Flute: Monica Berni
Oboe: Carlo Romano
Violin: Ettore Pellegrino
Viola: Fausto Anzelmo
Cello: Luca Pincini
(all credited on backside of inlay)

CD: 72 METRA – Channel One Video 145-CD – Russia – 2004
All 4 tracks in full stereo.
Running Time: 41:05

CD Review: www.movie-wave.net/titles/72_metra.html

Play track 3b [The Sun Again]: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOEtdjXUh7o
Watch the Movie [117:07]: www.tudou.com/programs/view/KiIzOqEX4Ks/

Gilda Buttà & Luca Pincini: www.heristal.eu/UK/pincinibuttabio.htm

Member Comments
‣16/08/2004 igorlord Available for sale!

Please, contact sales@rarecds.us for a bulk order discount!

‣09/09/2004 Patrick B Soloists credits from the CD
Often well-known names, but interesting to know the instrumentists. Flute : Monica Berni; Piano : Gilda Butta; Oboe : Carlo Romano; Keyboards : Ludovico Fulci; Violin : Ettore Pellegrino; Alto : Fausto Anzelmo; Cello : Luca Pincini. Thanks to Igorlord for some translation from this difficult alphabet. Recording : April 28-30, 2003 ( early ! )

‣16/10/2004 Patrick B CD available soon in a French shop
The OFFICIAL CD of 72 METPA ( not a copy ) will be soon available in Ciné-musique shop ( 50 rue de l'arbre sec, 75001 Paris ) at the normal price, circa 22 E.

‣12/05/2008 eda-88 Number
This is not only 'CD Channel One Of Russia - 2004'.
You can also add '1 Video-145-CD'(Like on CD)...
This nice CD i bought on april by 2004!

‣14/05/2008 WebMaster Re: Number
Done, thanks.

‣06/01/2009 eda-88 Covers

‣06/01/2009 eda-88 Re: Covers (made by me)

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about The Sun Again (Track) :
‣02/07/2008 Bob Hendrikx Why the scissors?
‣26/06/2011 WebMaster Full version available here
‣26/08/2015 WebMaster Re: Why the scissors?

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