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Françoise Hardy

Vinyl-EP Vogue EPL 8487 - France - 1966

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Side 1
1/1. 2:52 --- Je changerais d'avis (1966)
Total Time:  2:52  (track listing incomplete)

Ennio Morricone Composer; Johnny Harris Arranger Conductor; Françoise Hardy Lyrics Vocals; Jacques Lanzmann Lyrics; Ghigo De Chiara Lyrics; Maurizio Costanzo Lyrics;

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about Je changerais d'avis (Track) :
‣01/07/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Françoise Hardy: JE CHANGERAIS D'AVIS (1966]
Member Comments
‣02/05/2012 Memyselfandi Je changerais d'avis
Je changerais d'avis is available on the CD Canto Morricone vol 1: the 60's, as well as on the album "Françoise" and numerous compilation albums from her. That is a french rendition and certainly not the best rendition of Mina's "Se Telefonando" and Morricone had not been involved. So that Morricone involved as arranger in the recording of the version on this Vinyl-EP from 1966, is a great surprise to me. For those who have this EP, how does it sound?, you want him possibly sell or trade?

‣02/05/2012 WebMaster Re: Je changerais d'avis
This is clearly a mistake: Morricone is not the arranger (I don't know who is, btw). I have corrected it. Thanks for telling us.


‣12/05/2012 Memyselfandi Re: Re: Je changerais d'avis
This adaptation was recorded with Johnny Harris and his orchestra. Johnny Harris is a composer, producer, arranger, conductor and musical director. So it's very likely that he is the arranger. That De Chiara/Costanzo are listed here for the lyrics is also a mistake, for they wrote the lyrics for Mina's original version. But what the heck.

‣16/05/2012 WebMaster Re: Re: Re: Je changerais d'avis
Thank you for the precision.

Crediting the original authors of the lyrics is common practice, because the adapter was inevitably influenced by them, if not for the words themselves, at least for the spirit. I admit however that in this case, it is a bit far-fetched.


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