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Image courtesy Cali's Fan Page


CD Point PRCD111 - Italy - 1995

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Disc or Side 1
1/1. 2:34 Veruschka (1971) Veruschka
4:14 Veruschka (1971) Veruschka
1/2. 3:53 Veruschka (1971) Intervallo I
1/3. 2:17 Veruschka (1971) La bambola
1/4. 3:42 Veruschka (1971) Astratto I
1/5. 8:19 Veruschka (1971) La spiaggia
1/6. 2:32 Veruschka (1971) Dopo l'intervista
1/7. 5:03 Veruschka (1971) Poesia di una donna
1/8. 1:03 Veruschka (1971) Le fotografie
1/9. 3:16 Veruschka (1971) La bambola
1/10. 3:53 Veruschka (1971) Intervallo II
1/11. 2:47 Veruschka (1971) Magia
1/12. 1:49 Veruschka (1971) Astratto III
1/13. 1:56 Veruschka (1971) Veruschka
1/14. 1:14 Veruschka (1971) Astratto II
Total Time:  48:32

Ennio Morricone Composer Arranger Conductor;

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about Veruschka (Soundtrack) :
‣27/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: VERUSCHKA, POESIA DI UNA DONNA (1971) (Part 1)
‣27/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: VERUSCHKA, POESIA DI UNA DONNA (1971) (Part 2)
‣27/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: VERUSCHKA, POESIA DI UNA DONNA (1971) (Part 3)
Member Comments

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about Astratto III (Track) :
‣27/03/2008 eda-88 Same theme in "Le marginal"
about Veruschka (Track) :
‣27/03/2008 eda-88 Reused in "La Piovra 2"
about Veruschka (Soundtrack) :
‣19/06/2013 ut-re-mi Some notes on the direction
‣20/06/2013 WebMaster Re: Some notes on the direction
‣21/12/2015 ut-re-mi Music from a reel tape recorder
‣27/12/2015 Patrick B Re: Music from a reel tape recorder
‣25/10/2016 WebMaster Re: Vinyl Gatefold Edition
about Documentari scientifici per l'ENEA (Soundtrack) :
‣05/06/2017 Maximus Other documentaries on Youtube

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