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Fat Man and Little Boy

(Movie) Roland Joffé, 1989

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Les Maîtres de l'ombreFrance 
Roland Joffé
Bruce Robinson
Roland Joffé
Paul Newman Leslie Groves
Dwight Schultz J. Robert Oppenheimer
Bonnie Bedelia Kitty Oppenheimer
John Cusack Michael Merriman
Laura Dern Kathleen Robinson
Ron Frazier II
John C. McGinley Richard Schoenfield
Natasha Richardson Jean Tatlock
Ron Vawter Jamie Latrobe
Michael Brockman William "Deke" Parsons
Del Close Dr. Kenneth Whiteside
John Considine Robert Tuckson
Allan Corduner Franz Goethe (as Alan Corduner)
Joseph d'Angerio Seth Neddermeyer
Jon DeVries Johnny Mount (as Jon De Vries)
James Eckhouse Robert Harper
Todd Field Robert Wilson
Mary Pat Gleason Dora Welsh
Clark Gregg Douglas Panton
Péter Halász George Kistiakowsky
Gerald Hiken Leo Szilard
Arthur Holden Oak Ridge Doctor
Ed Lauter Whitney Ashbridge
Donald MacKechnie James Tuck
Madison Mason Doris Pash
Christopher Pieczynski Otto Frisch
Don Pugsley Bronston
Logan Ramsey Brehon Somervell
Fred Dalton Thompson Melrose Hayden Barry
Jim True Donald Hornig
Barry Yourgrau Edward Teller
Marek Alboszta Scientist
Steven Baigelman Doctor Avenell
Frank Benettieri Jr. Messenger
David Brainard Samuel Allison
Roger Cubicciotti Frank Oppenheimer
Franco Cutietta Enrico Fermi
Robert Peter Gale Dr. Louis Hempelman
Wesley Harrison Peter Oppenheimer
Brent Harrison Peter Oppenheimer
Tom McFarlane II
David C. Parnes Raincoat Man
Allen Poirson
Ennio Morricone
Ennio Morricone
Member Detailed Credits
‣29/04/2012 Patrick B Film credits and music in FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY
* Main titles music : unreleased piece made of electronic effects (1’26), partly featured in the background of tracks "Above the clouds" and "One hope".
* End titles music : Final/End titles (part 2 : End titles)

* Other unreleased music after the double CD set La La Land (2011) : a close variant of "Kathleen's goodbye", slower and ending sooner (0'42).

* Additional music (not entirely published in the 2CD set cited above), in English titles, original names and languages mentioned between brackets :
- Credited in the end titles :
The sorcerer’s apprentice by Paul Dukas ("L’apprenti sorcier"), Dance of the reed flutes by P. I. Tchaikovsky ("Danse des Mirlitons" from the ballet "Casse-Noisette"), Brown jug swing composed by J. E. Winner, arranged by Garnett Brown (Little Brown jug, a jazz dance track, performed by other orchestras like that of Glenn Miller).
- Credited in the 2CD La La Land :
Sonata n° 17 "Tempest" in D minor by L. V. Beethoven, Danse villageoise (from Dix pièces pittoresques) by E. Chabrier.

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about Fat Man and Little Boy (Soundtrack) :
‣27/02/2011 eda-88 Main titles

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