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Chi l'ha vista morire?

(Movie) Aldo Lado, 1972

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Who Saw Her Die? 
Member Detailed Credits
‣21/08/2017 Patrick B Music and credits in CHI L'HA VISTA MORIRE?
* Main titles music : Canto della campana stonata (before the titles), Chi l'ha vista morire? during the titles
Mentions : "Musiche composte e strumentate da EM. Gruppi vocali e strumentali diretti da Nicola Samale". So unfortunately no credit to P. Lucci and the Voci bianche dell'ARCUM.
* End titles music : no end credits, but the film closes on La mia mamma (louder percussion)

* Unreleased music after the 2012 Cometa edition (all as source music):
A solo guitar like an improvisation outside a pub (1:17)
Chi l'ha vista morire? sung a capella by several children (0:36)
A street music for violin, clarinet and barrel organ (hurdy-gurdy) or a similar sounding instrument (1:05)
Whole unreleased : 2:43

* Other tracks :
Chi l'ha vista morire? #2, a source music, doesn't have the little mouth noises at the end, and runs 0:28 in the film.
No One Can #3 from Quando la preda è l'uomo (Spogliati, protesta, uccidi!) is partly heard (as source music too) during a scene in a cinema theater.
The music is well used and mixed, and almost all the published tracks are present in the film.

Related Member Detailed Credits
about Chi l'ha vista morire? (Soundtrack) :
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