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(Movie) Andrew V. McLaglen, 1983

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Andrew V. McLaglen
Menahem Golan story
James R. Silke
Brooke Shields Dale
Lambert Wilson Jaffar
John Rhys-Davies Rasoul
Horst Buchholz Von Glessing
Ronald Lacey Beg
John Mills
Perry Lang Andy
Ya'ackov Ben-Sira Mayor (as Yaacov Ben-Sira)
Rolf Brin Curt
Tuvia Tavi Bertocelli
Shahar Cohen Abu
Yehuda Elboim Dramn
Zehava Twena Yasmin
Ran Vered De La Forge Crewman
Steve Forrest Gordon
Dov Friedman Lindstrom
Ezra Kafri Lindstrom Crewman
Gabi Amrani Omar
Terence Hardiman Browne
Caro Henley Mistress
Joseph Bee Browne Crewman
Barry Langford Conierge
Dina Ledani Ismene
David Lodge
Paul Maxwell
Don Angel Muggia Bertocelli Crewman
Sam Omani Douvain
Cliff Potts String
Greg Powell Abdullah
Dorit Seadia Laliah
Joseph Shiloach Halef
Shaul Taron Mustapha
Rocky Taylor Kamal
Ilan Zahavi De La Forge
Yoram Globus
Menahem Golan
Teri Shields executive
Rony Yacov associate
Ennio Morricone
David Gurfinkel
Michael John Bateman
Michael J. Duthie
Casting Director
Maude Spector
Production Designer
Luciano Spadoni
Art Director
John Hoesli
Set Decorator
Enzo Eusepi
Costume Designer
Mario Carlini
Production Manager
Ronnie Bear production manager
Omri Maron production manager
Cyril Collick sound mixer
Carlos DeLarios sound re-recording mixer
Michael J. Kohut sound re-recording mixer
Itzhak Magal sound mixer
Aaron Rochin sound re-recording mixer
Eli Yarkoni sound mixer
Special Effects
Jeff Clifford special effects
John Stears special effects supervisor
Juan Maján stunt co-ordinator
Doyle McCurley stunts
Eddie Stacey stunt co-ordinator
Assistant Director
Shaul Dishy assistant director
Mike Katzin assistant director
David Lipkind assistant director
Josh McLaglen assistant director
Angela Allen script supervisor
Itzik Ben-Aroya key grip: second unit
Micky Binyamini focus puller
Paula Erickson post-production assistant
Yoni Hamenachem still photographer
Michael Hartman
George Hurrell Sr. special photography
Peter James III
Tony Jeiger property master
Richard Kraft
Avraham Leibman gaffer
Brian McMillan animal trainer
Danny Ben Menachem location manager
Jeanette Nae script supervisor
Danny Schneider II
Alan Strachan supervising editor
Phyllis Townsend script supervisor
David Varod set dresser
Israel Vogelernteri set dresser
Ladislav Wilheim property master
Ennio Morricone
Member Detailed Credits
‣11/03/2015 Patrick B Music and credits in SAHARA
* Main titles music : Panther chase/Opening credits for the opening scene and the main titles

* End titles music : Sahara (End credits) aka Love theme

* Unreleased music after the Quartet 2-CD : none.

Although a CDR of unknown origin contains another version of the final part of Sunset (1’58)

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