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Two Mules for Sister Sara

(Movie) Don Siegel, 1970

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Sierra torrideFrance 
Gli Avvoltoi hanno fameItaly 
Ein Fressen für die GeierGermany 
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about Two Mules for Sister Sara (Soundtrack) :
‣21/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA (1969) (Part 1)
‣21/09/2020 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA (1969) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣04/09/2019 Gringo Recorded in Rome ?
It is surprising so little we now about the recording of this soundtrack. I guess it was recorded in Italy, but was Bruno Nicolai the conductor? And the very good guitarist/guitarists ? Alessandro Alessandroni ? Or??? Not to mention the Angel-like chorus, I Cantori? I can not remember ever reading details about this great score also not in the MSV's...Great thanks to Steven Dixon reading his very interesting article in the newsletter from June this year! I really do hope we will get the "final" CD from LalaLand records and hopefully get an answer to these Questions!

‣25/09/2019 Micke Re: Recorded in Rome ?
I'm pretty sure this score was recorded in Rome with the usual orchestra and with Nicolai conducting. Most likely the main guitar soloist was Bruno Battisti D'amario, he played on most (all?) of Morricone's westerns.

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