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Peur sur la ville

(Movie) Henri Verneuil, 1975

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Fear Over the City 
The Night Caller 
Il Poliziotto della brigata criminaleItaly 
Paura sulla cittàItaly 
Henri Verneuil
Jean Laborde
Francis Veber
Henri Verneuil
Jean-Paul Belmondo Le commissaire Jean Letellier
Jean-François Balmer Le suspect
Giovanni Cianfriglia Marcucci
Charles Denner L'inspecteur Moissac
Henri-Jacques Huet L'amant de Nora
Jean Martin
Lea Massari Nora Elmer
Adalberto Maria Merli Pierre Valdeck/Minos
Catherine Morin Helene Grammont
Jacques Rispal Cacahuete
Rosy Varte Germaine Doizon
Ennio Morricone
Jean Penzer
Pierre Gillette
Nadine Muse assistant editor
Ennio Morricone
Member Detailed Credits
‣13/03/2013 Patrick B Film credits and music in Peur sur la ville
* Main titles music : an unreleased close variant of "Paura sulla città", shorter (2'40)
* End titles music : Paura sulla città (finale)

* Other unreleased music after the SLC CD and GDM/Legend CD (2013): none, apart from an edit/mix of "Manichini" with the Police sirene music effects from "Considerazioni su un omicidio".
The French DVD (Studio Canal video) features in its menu an unknown music sounding very Morriconian (1'16). It makes to hear an obstinate music with strings scansions in the style of "Nel covo" from la piovra 4, piano, and wind instrument whose motive contains evocations of "Tema italiano" from Le clan des Siciliens, another Verneuil' s film. But it is surely an edit, well made.

* Additionnal music : an edit version of Rubare from Storie di vita e malavita, under the title "A l'angle d'une rue de la périphérie" on the first French LP; Scena d'amore (versione I) from Crescete e moltiplicatevi, under the title "Une bouffée de radio" on the same LP and "Sospiri da una radio lontana" afterwards, track heard from a radio in the film.

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about Peur sur la ville (Soundtrack) :
‣15/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: PEUR SUR LA VILLE (1975) (Part 1)
‣15/09/2019 Bob Hendrikx Notes on Soundtrack: PEUR SUR LA VILLE (1975) (Part 2)
Member Comments
‣04/03/2013 eda-88 Re: Film credits and music in Peur sur la ville
Plus perhaps there is one more INEDIT: "Le Tellier e Hélène" - Guitar version which we can hear in "Labbra Di Lurido Blu". But we don't know original source of this theme since both movies dated by 1975 year.

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