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Krasnaya palatka

(Movie) Mikhail Kalatozov, 1969

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The Red TentUnited States 
La Tenda rossaItaly 
La Tente rougeFrance 
Das Rote ZeltGermany 
Mikhail Kalatozov
Richard L. Adams
Ennio De Concini
Peter Finch General Umberto Nobile
Mario Adorf Biagi
Luigi Vannucchi Zappi
Yuri Solomin Troiani
Yuri Vizbor Behounek
Donatas Banionis Mariano
Otar Koberidze Cecioni
Sean Connery Roald Amundsen
Claudia Cardinale Valeria
Hardy Kr├╝ger Lundborg (as Hardy Kruger)
Massimo Girotti Romagna
Grigori Gaj Samoilovich
Nikita Mikhalkov Chuknovsky
Nikolai Ivanov
Boris Khmelnitsky Viglieri
Eduard Martsevich Finn Malmgren
Franco Cristaldi
Ennio Morricone International release
Aleksandr Zatsepin Russian release
Leonid Kalashnikov
Peter Zinner
Production Designer
Mikhail Fishgojt
Bruno Nicolai International release
Member Detailed Credits
‣19/11/2011 Patrick B Film credits and music in The red tent
The USA and the Italian (European ?) soundtrack versions contain different music among common elements.
* Main titles music : The red tent (main titles), in the both two versions
* End titles music : The red tent (end titles) for the USA version. Unreleased version of Love theme (1)running 1'23 (a slow and dreamy rendition with strings and the Edda dell'Orso's voice) which continues with the second part of Love theme (1).
* Unreleased music : a non melodi track, a version of Love theme and Do dreams go on, a a fox trot music (probably instead of the lounge dance waltz published in the Legend CD), tracks from Love theme : with effects, with wind instruments and choir, with alto and orchestra, a version from Do dreams go on with alto and orchestra. About 7' of unpublished music in the movie.
Very probably the Legend CD used the USA soundtrack's parts for the extra tracks. Apart from the main titles, common to the two versions, the unreleased Italian tracks weren't used.

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