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Stato interessante

(Movie) Sergio Nasca, 1977

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Member Credits
‣02/09/2017 Patrick B Music and credits in STATO INTERESSANTE
* Main titles music : Le train (Un treno in più), version sung by Edda dell’Orso, from Spazio 1999 (1975), reused in TV series Orient -Express (1979).
* End titles music : E mejo de mori che restà qui (song)
The credits mention : “Meio de mori che restà qui" (sic) è cantata da Laura Borgognoni. La canzone è incisa su disco RCA" [The song is recorded on disc RCA], which was wrong : it appeared only in 1995 on the CD RCA Time of Adventure.
"Coro di voci dell'ARCUM diretta da Paolo Lucci"

* Unreleased music :
- Lounge variant on Vai via malinconia theme from Ad ogni costo(around 2:20, 1:00 hearable)
- Unknown theme for light orchestra and cimbalom (during 3:44 but certainly some parts repeated, around 2:00 useful)
- Close version of Per Annabella #2 first part, in which the orchestra repeats the coda as in the published final part (1’35, very few is different)
- Minimalist version from the song E mejo … for accoustic guitar and vocals by the same singer (instrumental intro of 0:25, 3 sung parts of 0:34, 0:35 and 0:33)
Whole unreleased : 5:30 useful (out of a general total of 9:30)

All the published themes are present, although often masked by dialogues in the two first episodes, and not much music is absent from the CD.

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