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(TV Series) Alastair Reid, 1996

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Joseph Conrad's Nostromo 
Alastair Reid
Joseph Conrad novel
John Hale
Claudio Amendola Nostromo
Paul Brooke
Lothaire Bluteau Martin Decoud
Claudia Cardinale Teresa Viola
Joaquim de Almeida Colonel Sotillo
Brian Dennehy Joshua C. Holroyd
Albert Finney Doctor Monygham
Colin Firth Charles Gould
Ruth Gabriel Antonia Avellanos
Fernando Hilbeck Don Jose Avellanos
Serena Scott-Thomas Emilia Gould
Salvatore Basile General Montero (as Salvo Basile)
Xavier Burbano Ramirez
Emiliano Diez Don Pepe
Robert Escobar Pedro Montero
Nelson E. Guerrero Father Corbelan
John Hale Sir John
Ubaldo Henriques President Ribiera
Romina Mondello Giselle Viola
Stefania Montorsi Linda Viola
Ruben Rabasa Don Ambrosio
Mario E. Sanches Hernandez
Michael Wearing II
Carolina Atenzio
Magali Caicedo
Nancy Cruz
Ricardo Daza
Fiorentino Del Castillo
Freddy Howard
Alberto Martínez
Juan Carlos Marulanda
Manolo Morales
Mauricio Rodriguez
Cristóbal Vargas
Ismael 'East' Carlo General Barrios
Allan Corduner Hirsch
Franco Fantasia
Arnoldo Foà Giorgio Viola
Guillermo Gentile Maggiore
Fernando Ghia
Michael Wearing II
Ennio Morricone
Franco Di Giacomo
Frances Parker
Production Designer
Francesco Bronzi
Art Director
Massimo Razzi
Costume Designer
Danilo Donati
Special Effects
Giovanni Corridori special effects
Alberto Minelli special effects
Franco Ragusa special effects
Giovanni Canevari steadicam operator
Laura Julian production representative: BBC
Ennio Morricone
Member Detailed Credits
‣28/05/2012 Patrick B Film credits and music in NOSTROMO
(TV series in 4 episodes)
* Main titles music : Greed (episode 1), unreleased versions from the beginning of The silver of the mine (0'15 and 0'23, episodes 2, 4), a variant from For Emilia, for Pan flute, synthetiser and orchestra (1'50, episode 3),
* End titles music : The silver of the mine, second (middle) part, without voice (for all the episodes, around 1'34), and with a new intro for woodwind and orchestra for the episode 1 (0'15), and with the original intro of The silver... for the episode 4.

* Other unreleased music after the double CD set MCA Sugarmusic (1996) :
3 short variants of the intro from The silver of the mine (beginning at Pan flute, recorder, other instruments), 4 variants of Greed, a variant of Gisella (carillon), an unknown theme for a popular feast, 3 variants of The tropical variation, a short piano source track, 2 variants of For Emilia (1 for oboe, guitar and orchestra, 1 for flute and orchestra), a track for trumpet on a new theme, 3 variants of Nostromo/Silver sea (1 for oboe and orchestra).
The whole unreleased music heard (not including the original parts from The silver of the mine) runs around 19 minutes.

Member Comments
‣12/12/2013 eda-88 Re: Film credits and music in NOSTROMO
Thanks for the info, i have never seen this series and rarely listen to this score, i'm not aware about them in whole, i'm interested now.

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