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Albums for label Music On Vinyl (The Netherlands)
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Il vizietto Il vizietto  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVLP1006 - The Netherlands - 2014)
Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone  (2Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM075 - The Netherlands - 2016)
The Legend Of 1900 The Legend Of 1900  (2Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM110 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Sostiene Pereira Sostiene Pereira  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM159 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Bugsy Bugsy  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM132 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Symphony for Richard III Symphony for Richard III  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM109 - The Netherlands - 2017)
City of Joy City of Joy  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM133 - The Netherlands - 2017)
La Notte e il momento La Notte e il momento  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM108 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Casualties of War Casualties of War  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM103 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Wolf Wolf  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM107 - The Netherlands - 2017)
A Pure Formality A Pure Formality  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM106 - The Netherlands - 2017)
La Scorta La Scorta  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM105 - The Netherlands - 2017)
In the Line of Fire In the Line of Fire  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM104 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Nuovo cinema Paradiso Nuovo cinema Paradiso  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM102 - The Netherlands - 2017)
Themes - Western Themes - Western  (2Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM257 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Themes - Psycho Themes - Psycho  (2Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM258 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Il Pentito Il Pentito  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM263 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Corleone Corleone  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM262 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Themes - Lounge Themes - Lounge  (2Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM259 - The Netherlands - 2020)
La scoperta dell'America La scoperta dell'America  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM264 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Viaggio con Anita Viaggio con Anita  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM265 - The Netherlands - 2020)
Sacco e Vanzetti Sacco e Vanzetti  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM267 - The Netherlands - 2020)
La Resa dei conti La Resa dei conti  (Vinyl-LP Music On Vinyl MOVATM266 - The Netherlands - 2020)